Spellebrity video winner

It's Bryn with the Bee!

Bryn with the Bee filmed Meant to Bee, a news program about interviews for a new pronouncer after Dr. Jacques Bailly was allegedly stung by a bee.

Bryn with the Bee

Those that auditioned included a mime, a pirate and Bryn Perrins' dog. None worked out.

"I added some characters that were not fit for the job," Bryn said. "Clearly, pirates cannot pronounce."

Bryn played all the roles in her film, and said she learned to mime from YouTube. She also applied a lot of makeup.

Luckily, Dr. Bailly was able to make it to the Bee in the end.

In a statement, Bryn's newscaster said, Dr. Bailly said he was "a friend to all bees, spellers and otherwise."

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