Why RSVBee?

RSVBee is our sincere effort to take a step toward fairness. We believe the National Finals are as fair as possible, but the path to Bee Week is not a consistent or equal journey. Throughout our 90-year history, we have had sponsored regions and unsponsored regions. This means students in a sponsored county have a shot at advancing to the National Finals while students in a neighboring county without a sponsor have no shot. The sizes of sponsored regions also are not created equal — only one speller in all of Georgia can currently advance to D.C., while Ohio sends 18 spellers.

There are many spellers who have worked diligently and triumphed locally and yet because of the restrictions of the program, they don’t get their opportunity on the national stage. RSVBee is a way to bridge the opportunity gap for spellers and more completely fulfill our mission to have a positive impact on the lives of children.