Word Club is an engaging resource for anyone. By purchasing a Word Club Season Pass for $29.99, your child receives valuable help with preparing for a classroom, school, district, county, regional or final local spelling bee.

A Word Club Season Pass will help your child:

  • learn how to pronounce each word in the School Spelling Bee Study List and Spell It!,
  • increase vocabulary,
  • improve correct spelling retention,
  • track progress,
  • maximize study time and
  • improve chances in a local spelling bee.

The School Spelling Bee Study List is the Bee’s official list of study words for classroom and school-level spelling bees. It includes 450 study words ranging in difficulty level for students in grades one through eight.

Spell It! is our recommended study resource for school spelling bee champions. It includes over 1,100 study words organized by language of origin.