Great American SpellCheck is a benefit of enrollment in the Scripps National Spelling Bee program. It is a program that erases the objections that you (and your students' parents) have to traditional fund-raisers. It's a fund-raiser that:

  • makes sure 100% of the money raised benefits your school,
  • involves no students knocking on the doors of strangers and
  • is rooted in academics. (What does candy have to do with schools anyway?)

Here's what educators who have used Great American SpellCheck have to say:

"It was wonderful for the school to keep 100%."

"Our district loved it.  The students were learning while raising money.  We also found the community was more willing to support a fundraiser that contained an academic component to it."

"It was great.  Nicely set up..."

"It was very easy to use."

"This was a great fundraiser...The kids and parents loved it.  It was the best educational fundraiser we've had."

"This fundraiser raised more funds than any other fundraiser this year."

"Substantially more successful financially than other of our minor fundraisers..."

"Easier than other fundraisers"

"It is great getting 100% of the money and better spellers as a result."

"It was easy and all profit."

"...the easiest fundraiser for me to run and organize, the only academic one..."

Here's how it works:

Students study grade-specific word lists and collect pledges from family and friends for every word they spell correctly in the Great American SpellCheck. Students improve their spelling skills and your school enjoys the financial benefits!

The Scripps National Spelling Bee—an educational icon for eight decades—has designed Great American SpellCheck to be run with minimal effort and no hassles. Schools that enroll with the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee will automatically receive these Great American SpellCheck benefits through the log-in section of

  • Great American SpellCheck grade-specific word lists and study sheets for grades 1–8
  • Great American SpellCheck pledge sheets,
  • Great American SpellCheck test forms,
  • Great American SpellCheck instructions and
  • Great American SpellCheck communication templates.

The fund-raiser may be conducted at any point in the school year.

Your school could also easily raise $6,000:

  • Elementary school with 320 students in grades 1–6
  • 75% of students (240) collect pledges from family and friends averaging $25 per student = $6,000!
  • Think about this: Your students would have to sell more than $12,000 in candy to earn $6,000.
Number of Participants: Your school's estimated fund-raising potential
through Great American SpellCheck:
300 $1,500
250  $1,250  $2,500  $3,750  $5,000  $6,250  $7,500  $10,000
200  $1,000  $2,000  $3,000  $4,000  $5,000  $6,000  $8,000
150  $750  $1,500  $2,250  $3,000  $3,750  $4,500 $6,000
100  $500  $1,000  $1,500  $2,000  $2,500  $3,000  $4,000
60  $300 $600
 $900  $1,200  $1,500  $1,800  $2,400
Multiplied by:  $5 $10
Average Pledge Total Per Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch?

  • Great American SpellCheck materials are available exclusively to schools that enroll with the 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

By participating in the Great American SpellCheck, must my school participate in local spelling bee competitions?

  • No. Now, however, is a great time to begin a spelling bee tradition at your school.

Should I conduct the Great American SpellCheck before or after my community's spelling bee competition?

  • The fund-raiser may be conducted at any point in the school year. Because many words on Great American SpellCheck tests will be asked in spelling bee competition, the fund-raiser can serve as an excellent spelling bee warm-up activity.

May I preview the Great American SpellCheck benefits?

  • Our enrollment page offers a list of Great American SpellCheck benefits, plus sample materials.