The journey starts with a single letter.

Every year, a speller (or two!) is declared the Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion. Their journeys started just like your child's at home or in a classroom across America.

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We have worked with publishers and education resource developers to create books, flash cards and work books for children at every level.

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Imagine what your child can do.

Create memories that last a lifetime.

Help your child succeed.

If you believe it, you can do it. With hard work and determination, your child can be successful in the spelling bee. Get started on the journey today.

It's not just about winning words or how far your child advances. It's about the friendships made and experiences gained.

Share your knowledge and love of words with your child. Start studying for their bee today.

Great Words, Great Works Book List

This year, all 450 words on the School Spelling Bee Study List come from a list of engaging, grade level-appropriate books called the Great Words, Great Works list. You can download this reading list for your students and encourage them to search for their spelling words in the context of great stories!

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