RSVBee - Washington, D.C.

A new way for spelling champions to compete in D.C.

RSVBee is a new program launched by the Scripps National Spelling Bee to provide an opportunity for more spellers to participate in the National Finals in the Washington, D.C. area in late May 2018. The invitational program provides an additional path for spelling champions to experience Bee Week and compete in the National Finals.

Why RSVBee?

We will issue no more than 225 invitations through the RSVBee program.

If we receive 225 or fewer applications, all applicants will receive invitations. If there are 226 or more applications, we will base invitation decisions on a point system.

For school spelling bee champions, the following point values will apply:

  • Four points for an 8th grade student
  • Three points for a 7th grade student
  • Two points for a 6th grade student
  • One point for a 5th grade student
  • Zero points for 4th grade or younger students

Former national finalists can gain additional points for one of the following:

  • Six points for a former Bee Week Semifinalist or Finalist
  • Five points for a former Bee Week Preliminaries participant

Applicants with the most points – but no more than 225 applicants – will receive invitations. In the event of more than 225 applicants and a tie score for some, we will send invitations to those who applied earliest in the process. Applying early gives an advantage over those who wait.