Speller No. 264, Jae Canetti

Fairfax County Times, Reston, Virginia


Fourth Grade




Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences, Reston, Virginia


Jae loves Beyblades and currently has a collection of 48. In his spare time, he also likes to play video games and read many kinds of books. Jae enjoys photography, a hobby he shares with his dad. He also likes listening to music and making up tunes. Jae plays saxophone, clarinet and piano. He is in his fifth year of Little League baseball; he plays all positions, but mostly pitches and catches. Jae’s teams have won the district championship twice. He enjoys going to minor league baseball games with his dad. Jae is a Davidson Institute Young Scholar. His fourth grade class voted him “most compassionate student,” and Jae loves all animals, especially cats, dogs, birds and gerbils. 

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