Speller No. 269, Lori Anne C. Madison

News & Messenger, Woodbridge, Virginia






NovaTAG Prince William County Homeschool, Woodbridge,


Six-year-old Lori Anne Madison is the youngest speller on record to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, but she’s an old pro at spelling bees, entering her first at the age of three-and-a-half. Beyond her spelling success, Lori Anne has won gold medals in the National Mythology and Etymology Exams, won first place in the 2010 Prince William County HOPE Science Fair and will be competing in FIRST LEGO League as part of an all-girls team. Recently, she placed 1st in her state and 2nd in the nation among 2nd graders in the 2012 Math Kangaroo competition. Lori Anne also swims competitively, receiving her team's outstanding swimmer of the year award for her age group, and she takes karate, dance and tennis classes. She is an avid reader, enjoys spending time with her friends and has recently discovered birding as a hobby. Lori Anne often studies while swinging upside down or jumping on her trampoline.

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