Speller No. 86, Sibani S. Ram

Telegraph Herald, Dubuque, Iowa


Seventh Grade




George Washington Middle School, Dubuque, Iowa


Education and family come first for Sibani, but her third passion is music. She is learning different types of Indian classical art forms and practices the violin. She studies the Suzuki method and would someday like to visit the Suzuki School of Music in Japan to learn more about how the method developed. For good luck, Sibani has a few spelling bee charms: she always eats a banana and drinks a glass of milk before competing, and she always wears the same sweatshirt, blue jeans and gray boots (all clean, of course!) during spelling bees. Because of his courage, leadership, and sacrifice, President Abraham Lincoln is one of Sibani’s role models, and she looks forward to visiting his memorial while in our nation’s capital. 

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