Scripps National Spelling Bee
Speller No. 88, Michaella Shari Bostrom

The Japan Times, Tokyo, Japan






Kakegawa International Christian School, Kakegawa,


Michaella is not ethnically Japanese, but she has lived her entire life in Japan. Though she can speak, read and write Japanese, she also enjoys teaching English as a second language to children in her hometown. She is an accomplished dancer, skilled in modern ballet and hip-hop, who offers dance lessons to students after school. Michaella loves spending time with animals when she can, especially horses and her pets, a Golden Retriever named Patriot and two rabbits named Snowflake and Jack. Recently, a Romanian student at Michaella’s school gave a presentation about all the amazing sights in Romania, and that country is now at the top of Michaella’s must-see list. 

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