Teachers: The Scripps National Spelling Bee provides your students with powerful lessons about language, learning and life.

Through Word Club, the Bee now gives your parents and students FREE access to spelling and vocabulary materials for your classroom and school spelling bees.

Tired of printing materials? By connecting your parents to Word Club, you will save your time and your school’s money.
Parents will discover exclusive spelling and vocabulary content, including: 

  • Your school bee details   
  • School spelling bee study lists for your classroom and school bees
  • Suggested Rules for Local Spelling Bees
  • White Board Words, with language learning and insights from official Bee pronouncer and former champion Dr. Jacques Bailly
  • More fun content to help your child prepare for the spelling bee

If your school is enrolled in the Bee, you can get more information by logging into spellingbee.com. If your school is not enrolled in the Bee, you can learn more about enrollment.