Meet The Bee Team

Our team is a small group of passionate individuals dedicated to honoring the history of the Bee while innovating to ensure the program's future. From our hive in Cincinnati, Ohio, we work with sponsors, schools, teachers, parents and students to provide an inspirational journey to the national finals and fulfill the Bee's purpose. 

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Paige Kimble

executive director

corrie loeffler

director, editorial

Cybelle Weeks

Program Manager, Operations

Beth Hecquet

Program Manager, Events

Nicole Dittoe

Local Sponsorship Manager

Valerie Miller

Communications Manager

Molly Becker

Editorial Manager

Darryl Porter

Web Application Architect

Justin Nethers

Lead Application Analyst

Tyler Hyde

Communications Specialist

Maggie Lorenz

Editorial Specialist

Haley Goetz

Program Coordinator

Ashley Tongret

Editorial Coordinator