Championship words

We're down to three spellers, and the 25-word championship list. A winner will be declared within the next 25 words.

Remaining are Vanya Shivashankar, speller 90; Gokul Venkatachalam, speller 140; and Cole Shafer-Ray, speller 200.

Siddarth is out

Siddarth Krishnakumar, speller 238, is in the finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee because the family of speller 237, Shobha Dasari, moved to another school district, his mother said.

Cole is in

Cole Shafer-Ray, speller 200, stopped mid-spelling to get the definition again. He spelled "tortillon" correctly, air-typing, to stay in.

The sentence garnered chuckles:

While looking for her dropped tortillon in art class, Laura found yesterday's chewing gum - and it was still good.