Say it five times

Siyona Mishra, speller 39, heard her word.

"Could you, like, say it five times?" she asked Dr. Bailly.

He did, and she nodded after each repetition.

"Was that five?" he asked.

"Yeah," she replied.

"Hacek," he said again.

But Siyona misspelled, and is out.

First one eliminated

Sylvie Lamontagne, speller 29, sighed nervously as she spelled "cerastes" on her hand while the clock counted down.

"That's not right," she said, just before the bell rang.

Sylvie only got one shot at the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Her sponsor, The Denver Post, doesn’t let spellers come back a second time.

Here are the finalists

There will be 10 finalists that move on to spell on stage tonight. In order of their scores, they are:

Speller 132, Dev Jaiswal

Speller 200, Cole Shafer-Ray

Speller 238, Siddarth Krishnakumar

Speller 264, Tejas Muthusamy

Speller 90, Vanya Shivashankar

Speller 92, Paul Keaton

Speller 39, Siyona Mishra

Speller 140, Gokul Venkatachalam

Speller 16, Snehaa Ganesh Kumar

Speller 29, Sylvie Lamontagne