For the Champion:

  • From Scripps, a $30,000 cash prize and the Scripps National Spelling Bee engraved trophy

  • From Merriam-Webster, a $2,500 U.S. savings bond and a complete reference library

  • From Encyclopædia Britannica, $1,200 of reference works including the Britannica Global Edition, 1768 Encyclopædia Britannica Replica Set Deluxe Edition, 3-year membership to Britannica Online Premium and Britannica World Atlas

For the Champion's School and Sponsor:

  • From Scripps, Scripps National Spelling Bee engraved plaques

  • From Microsoft, a one year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Home including Word, Excel, PowerPoint plus 20GB OneDrive online storage to each student who attends the school

For the Championship Finalists:

  • A medal from the Scripps National Spelling Bee

  • Cash prizes:*
    • Misspell in the first round of the Championship Finals to 7th place: $1,500
    • 6th Place: $2,000
    • 5th Place: $2,500
    • 4th Place: $3,000
    • 3rd Place: $7,500
    • 2nd Place: $12,500

For The Semifinalists:

  • $500 gift card
  • A medal from the Scripps National Spelling Bee

All Spellers:


*Spellers who are eliminated from the competition in the same round are assigned the same rank (place). If Bee officials declare Co-Champions, each Co-Champion will receive a $30,000 first place cash prize.


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