More are out

"Oh, great," said Cy Orentlicher, speller 76, when he heard his word, "oppidan."

He misspelled it. "Oh well," he said.

Speller 62, Aniket Nuthalapati, is out on "tristeza."

Two more gone

Nathaniel Britton covered his mouth as he practiced spelling "rescissible" out loud before stepping to the mic. Unfortunately, he changed the last "I" for an "A" and is out.

Christine Farnberg, speller 130, was eliminated on "Syrette."


"What?" said Lily Mears, speller 117, when she heard her word. She asked for any alternate pronunciations, the definition, the part of speech and the language of origin.

"Phew," she said when she spelled "vilipend" correctly.

Vanya spells

We just watched a video of Vanya Shivashankar, speller 90, through the years. She's been attending the bee since 2006, when her sister first competed. Kavya was the 2009 champion.

This is Vanya's fifth bee as a speller. She spelled "consommé" correctly to stay in the competition.

The Jamaican speller

Sara-Beth McPherson, speller 87, is out on "agaric." She asked a number of questions and watched the clock count down.

"It was an honor and a good experience," she said of working with Rev. Glen Archer, the spelling coach who died this year. "I feel excited that I'm here."

A quick update

Monisha Mahadevan, speller 45, misspelled "rollmops" and is out.

"Are you ready?" Dr. Bailly asked Aniket Nuthalapati, speller 62.

"I think so," he said. He spelled "osteitic" to stay in.

And when Cy Orentlicher, speller 76, took the stage, he asked Dr. Bailly: "What are the choices for that?"

"You tell me," Dr. Bailly said.

"Fiiiiine," Cy replied. He spelled "capotasto" fine to stay in.

You have to get lucky

Before speller 16, Snehaa Ganesh Kumar, took the stage, she said she was nervous.

"I want to get into the finals. I've come this far," she said.

Snehaa correctly spelled "camarilla" as the clock counted down and the lights turned red.

"I've done the best I can," she said before taking the stage. "You have to get lucky, get a word you know."

One or the other

Cooper Komatsu, speller 13, correctly spelled "inessive" to stay in the competition.

"Since this is my first year here, I feel like I either got really lucky or I studied a lot," he said. "I was lucky because I studied a lot."

Cooper, who finished fourth this year in the North American School Scrabble Championship along with a partner, said a lot of his vocabulary comes from Scrabble.

"I feel great," he said. "I'm about to go on stage. I'm going to be on national television."