Here are the finalists

There will be 10 finalists that move on to spell on stage tonight. In order of their scores, they are:

Speller 132, Dev Jaiswal

Speller 200, Cole Shafer-Ray

Speller 238, Siddarth Krishnakumar

Speller 264, Tejas Muthusamy

Speller 90, Vanya Shivashankar

Speller 92, Paul Keaton

Speller 39, Siyona Mishra

Speller 140, Gokul Venkatachalam

Speller 16, Snehaa Ganesh Kumar

Speller 29, Sylvie Lamontagne

Old friends

The first time she came to stage this morning, Katharine Wang, speller 284, tried to use her long-time bee tenure to her advantage. It's her fourth time here.

"Dr. Bailly, would you say we're old friends?" she asked. "Could you do me a favor and give me a word I actually know?"

She spelled "periastron" correctly the first time, but misspelled "cinquecento" and was eliminated.

The best

Ankita Vadiala, speller 261, had just one request for Dr. Bailly:

"Think you can make this as easy as the last round?" she said.

Dr. Bailly replied: "I have no choice. I'd like to."

Luckily, Ankita knew "ballabile."

"Yes!" she said, grinning. After she spelled it correctly, she jumped up and down."Thank you, Dr. Bailly, you really are the best."

Eyes closed

Muriel Cotman, speller 246, closed her eyes as she correctly spelled "punchinello" in the last round.

This time, she took deep breaths while she learned about her word, closed her eyes and misspelled "cupressineous" to be eliminated.