The bee is up on its hashtags. Here's the sentence Cady Baltz, speller 230, heard for "camorra."


The investigation revealed a camorra of students who had created the principal’s fake Twitter account and inaugurated it with the posting, “I HEART NICK JONAS #BOYCRAZY #YOLO”.

A camorra is a group of persons united for dishonest or dishonorable ends.

More eliminations

"What's up, Doc?" speller 212, Hilary Good, said as she approached the mic. It elicited a chuckle from Dr. Bailly.

She misspelled "ripicolous," of or relating to or living or located on the bank of a watercourse (as a river or stream) or sometimes a lake. Hilary was eliminated.

Also out: Brandi Naprava, speller 213, who misspelled "filoselle,"

Moving for the bee

Joshua Mason, speller 190, asked if he could buy a vowel when he heard his word, "quaquaversal."

Joshua got the word right.

His family made a lot of effort for Joshua to get this far -- they sold their house and moved to another school district, that participated in the bee longer, so Joshua would have another chance to compete after he just missed making the national bee last year.

Some more eliminations

Abigail Pittman, speller 168, is out on ""renvoi." Kayleigh Guffey, speller 171, misspelled "farouche." Speller 172, Andrew Bowen, was eliminated on "nyctipelagic."

Hannah Gerlach, speller 174, missed on "villeggiatura." Emily Garcia, speller 175, was incorrect on "heparinize."

Lily Spalding, speller 177, misspelled "echinulate." And Allison Brower, speller 179, missed on "calanque."

All are out.

Fourth time

It's the fourth time at the bee for Dylan O'Connor, speller 164. He spelled "Chalcolithic" correctly and remains in the competition. Lat year, Dylan tied for 13th place.