What time is it anyway?

"Good morning, Dr. Bailly, or is it good afternoon by now?" asked Kyoko Leaman, speller 265.

I don't know," he said, before deciding that yes, it was still before 12 p.m.

Kyoko spelled "temporal" -- of or relating to time as opposed to eternity -- correctly to stay in the bee.

Spell it for me?

Ankita Vadiala, speller 261, greeted Dr. Bailly with a "Howdy."

"Any chance you could just give me the spelling and make my life easier?" she asked.

"I wish," he said. "You can do it."

Ankita, who last year tied for 13th, did -- she spelled "geta" correctly, and is still in the bee.


Kasey Torres, speller 244, is back for his second bee. He yanked the microphone down to his level, wrote on the back of his placard and correctly spelled "antipasto" to stay in the bee. He walked away pumping his fists.