Two more eliminated

McKenna Noland, speller 50, was eliminated on "phthalein." It means any of a group of xanthene dyes that are intensely colored in alkaline solution. Jaren Rose, speller 51, is out on "geelhout," any of several southern African trees whose wood is sometimes used for interior work.

It's a hard one

Jeremy Ortmann, speller 41, wasn't thrilled to hear his word, "Gesamtkunstwerk."

"You were saving that one for me, weren't you?" he asked Dr. Bailly.

He spelled it right, and clapped as he walked away.

Some meta humor

The spellers were delayed this afternoon, but there was nary a chuckle when speller 39, Siyona Mishra, spelled "chiliad," which means a period lasting 1,000 years. Dr. Bailly read the sentence:

While it really only lasted about ten minutes, the contestants felt that sitting on the stage waiting for the Spelling Bee to resolve their technical issues lasted an entire chiliad.

Spell it yourself

Oona Flood, the blue-haired speller 19, asked first for the language of origin, then for the spelling.

"I hope I don't have to give that to you," Dr. Bailly replied.

He didn't. Oona spelled "xiphias" correctly, then walked away, her arms raised in victory.

Snap it out

Sophia Han, speller 17, held her forehead and snapped her fingers as she asked Dr. Bailly so say her word, "vermicide," five times in a row.

Dr. Bailly did. Sophia snapped along as she spelled it correctly.