Spell it yourself

Oona Flood, the blue-haired speller 19, asked first for the language of origin, then for the spelling.

"I hope I don't have to give that to you," Dr. Bailly replied.

He didn't. Oona spelled "xiphias" correctly, then walked away, her arms raised in victory.

Snap it out

Sophia Han, speller 17, held her forehead and snapped her fingers as she asked Dr. Bailly so say her word, "vermicide," five times in a row.

Dr. Bailly did. Sophia snapped along as she spelled it correctly.

Stuck with it

Charles Hamilton Jr., speller 8, wasn't pleased to hear his word, "Wensleydale."

"May I have an easy word, please?" he asked.

"We're kind of locked-in now," Dr. Bailly replied.

He spelled the word, which means a white cheese eaten fresh before curing, correctly.