Yeah, bae

Never let anyone tell you the Bee isn't hip.

In addition to words like reprise, rehearsal and gluttony - as well as plenty of others that aren't used quite as commonly - spellers are also getting words that are of the modern era.

Consider shopaholic, one who is extremely or excessively fond of searching for, inspecting, or buying available goods or services.


Or McMansion, a very large house usually built in a suburban neighborhood or development, especially one regarded critically as oversized, ostentatious and unoriginal.


And then there was webisode, a usually brief episode of a fictional story that is created to be viewed online.


McMansion tripped up Hanna Ghouse, speller 73. But Cierra Wilson, speller 64, spelled webisode correctly and Grace Maxson, speller 87, got shopaholic.