Who doesn't?

"Whenever Lydia finds herself in a barathrum, she opens her laptop and watches Youtube videos of bulldogs sitting on couches like people," Dr. Bailly said.

Trisha Balakrishnan, speller 263, spelled "barathrum" correctly. It means a bottomless pit or abyss : a place or state of misery, torment or wickedness.

Tejas Muthusamy, speller 264, spelled "Castalia" correctly. He tied for 8th place last year.


Caleb Adams, speller 256, bounces during each letter while he spells. He got "gongorism" correct and is still on stage.

The mic attacks

Kasey Torres, speller 244, spelled "octonocular" correctly to stay on stage. But before he did, he bumped his nose on the microphone after he pulled it down so it was at his level.

Then Kasey giggled, grinned and spelled.

A stylish kid

"Yet another upscale haberdasher has opened a shop on Brighton Street, but Kumar still can't find ONE of those hats Pharrell wears," Dr. Bailly said.

"That describes my life," Evan Haley, speller 243 said. He spelled "haberdasher" correctly to stay on stage.


The bee is up on its hashtags. Here's the sentence Cady Baltz, speller 230, heard for "camorra."


The investigation revealed a camorra of students who had created the principal’s fake Twitter account and inaugurated it with the posting, “I HEART NICK JONAS #BOYCRAZY #YOLO”.

A camorra is a group of persons united for dishonest or dishonorable ends.

More eliminations

"What's up, Doc?" speller 212, Hilary Good, said as she approached the mic. It elicited a chuckle from Dr. Bailly.

She misspelled "ripicolous," of or relating to or living or located on the bank of a watercourse (as a river or stream) or sometimes a lake. Hilary was eliminated.

Also out: Brandi Naprava, speller 213, who misspelled "filoselle,"