One Direction couldn't save us

"Nice to see you again, Dr, Bailly," said Simone Kaplan, speller 13. 

She misspelled juridical, of or relating to the administration of justice or the office of a judge or acting or used in the administration of justice.

Simone gave her mom a big hug when she came off the stage, and got a large stuffed owl in return.


Nikil Shyamsunder, speller 14, misspelled secession. The boy-band sentence Dr, Bailly gave Nikil read, "A highly organized subgroup of members within the One Direction fan club organized a secession after Zayn quit the group."


Then Bethanya Yared, speller 15, misspelled corrosive, having the power to wear away or diminish by gradually separating or destroying small particles or by converting into an easily disintegrated substance.


And allocable, an accounting word that means assignable to a particular account or to a particular period of time. tripped up Hailey Jinkins, speller 17.


All are out.