Down to the wire

Maggie Sheridan, speller 176, clearly didn't know her word, whirlicote. It's a heavy and luxurious carriage or a coach.

When she finished spelling - with only a second to spare on the time clock - she looked defeated.


Then she heard head judge Mrs. Brooks say that she was correct.

"WHAT!" Maggie said, hands to her head. She high fived everyone in sight.

"Don't do that again," Dr. Bailly said of her timing.

Speller 187, Saketh Sundar, also seemed unsure of his word.


He correctly spelled surimi, a fish product made from inexpensive whitefish and often processed to resemble more expensive seafood (as crab meat or scallops). But ended it with a question mark.

He pumped his fists when he learned it was right.