Thank You from the Bee

It's been a school year unlike anything you've ever seen or experienced. And the Bee goes on. 
Teachers' workloads have increased dramatically to care for students in their classrooms and online. And the Bee goes on. 
Parents and students have dealt with safety protocols and remote learning. And the Bee goes on. 

Thank you for making it possible for your students to participate in the spelling bee program, to set goals, to celebrate academic achievements and to have the opportunity to advance to the next level of your local spelling bee program. We want to recognize school bee coordinators and teachers for all your efforts to make your spelling bee program a success this year. Despite challenges, you were willing to make time in your hectic schedules to learn about our new online testing platform. You asked questions and made the extra effort to give your students a chance to challenge themselves. 

We salute school coordinators – those who have successfully completed your school bee and those still in the planning stages – for finding ways to safely conduct your competitions. Whether using the online testing platform, opting for virtual bees, following social distancing guidelines for in-person events, or incorporating technology to share your school bee with students watching from their classrooms and parents viewing from home or work, you’ve demonstrated your adaptability and ingenuity. 

Thanks to you, millions of students are positively impacted by the spelling bee program at the classroom and school levels. They improve their spelling and increase their vocabularies. Those skills will stay with them as they write papers in high school, conduct research in college and craft résumés for their future career. 

The Bee goes on, thanks to you.