Shourav is out

Shourav Dasari, speller 254, misspelled Struldbrug, one of a class of imaginary persons who can never die but who are declared dead in law at the age of 80 and live on wretchedly at state expense.

He's out, and we're down to three spellers - and championship words.

Why does Shourav like spelling?

“It’s fun to do,” he said of the Bee. “You study, you get to go on stage, show what you know.”


Shourav’s older sister is also a speller, and the two of them once went 80 rounds in a local bee. They had to come back the next day to finish.

The pair can be just a tad competitive.

Shobha, his sister, was in the Bee for three years. Shourav tied for 11th place last year.

He said he focuses on the word and doesn’t think about the lights and the cameras.

Shourav has won other bees, but had his eye on the big prize.

“Whatever happens, just do your best,” he said.