What is the origin of e-n-t-h-u-s-i-a-s-m?

Find it by drumming up bee spirit at your school. Here are a few tips

  1. Host an all-school showing of Akeelah and the Bee.
  2. Offer after-school study groups. Start a spelling club and host fun mini-bees.
  3. Find a popular community personality to host your spelling bee—a local athlete, columnist or politician.
  4. Encourage everyone to dress in black and yellow on the day of your spelling bee.
  5. Create and promote a few supporting awards such as "Most Improved Speller."
  6. Host a Teacher Bee for the entire school to enjoy.
  7. Raise funds for your school and spelling bee with Great American SpellCheck. It's simple, safe and educational.
  8. Promote your spelling bee at other events such as high school basketball games or open houses.
  9. Invite students to design their own spelling bee logo. Put the winning entry on T-shirts to sell at your spelling bee.
  10. Ask a face painter to paint bees on students' and teachers' faces on the day of your spelling bee.