What is the origin of w-o-r-t-h-w-h-i-l-e?

It's in helping students improve their spelling skills and increase their vocabularies—all through the fun of spelling bees:

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  1. Ask your PTO to enroll your school.
  2. Once your school is enrolled, log in to this Web Site: You will be directed to a special teachers-only online area that's loaded with materials for you and your students.
  3. Provide study materials to your students, if possible, a few to several weeks prior to your spelling bee.
  4. Spark interest each day by posting a new and unusual word. Give extra credit to each student who looks up the word and is able to define it and use it in sentence.



  1. Offer to serve as a spelling coach in the classroom, or as a volunteer organizer of the school spelling bee.
  2. Great spellers are great readers. Read what your child reads, and ask your child about the spellings and meanings of some of the words in the reading material.
  3. Mission Irresistible for your child: Ask her to find words that either you cannot define or spell correctly.



  1. Write a letter. Let your principal and teachers know that you and your fellow students want to participate in spelling bees.
  2. Form an after-school spelling club. You'll have great fun in studying with your peers, and your teachers and parents will be impressed.
  3. Make posters to promote your school-level spelling bees.
  4. Design T-shirts or award certificates for your school-level spelling bees.


Businesses and Community Organizations:

  1. Offer to help enroll your neighborhood school(s).
  2. Encourage your employees to volunteer as spelling bee coaches or event volunteers.
  3. Ask your local spelling bee sponsor about opportunities for promotional partnerships or co-sponsorships.
  4. Offer prizes or premiums for local spelling bee participants.