Here\'s how it works

• Schools that enroll with the 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee will automatically receive these Great American SpellCheck benefits through the log-in section of

• Great American SpellCheck grade-specific word lists and study sheets for grades 1–8,

• Great American SpellCheck pledge sheets,

• Great American SpellCheck test forms,

• Great American SpellCheck instructions, and

• Great American SpellCheck communication templates.

• At a time that your school determines (this fundraiser may be conducted at any point in the school year!), students study grade-specific word lists and collect pledges from family and friends for every word they spell correctly in the Great American SpellCheck.

• Students improve their spelling skills and your school enjoys the financial benefits!


Your school could easily raise $6,000.

• Elementary school with 320 students in grades 1–6

• 75 percent of students (240) collect pledges from family and friends averaging $25 per student = $6,000

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