2021 Round 11 Results

Word Meaning Round
No. Speller's Name Speller's Sponsor Question Answer Given
1 Roy Seligman The Ministry of Education An expert in matters batrachian knows all about:
frogs and toads
52 Bhavana Madini NYC Regional Spelling Bee What might be described as aphyllous?
a tree lacking leaves
133 Zaila Avant-garde New Orleans Chapter of The Links Something described as dysphotic is:
poorly illuminated
155 Vivinsha Veduru Texas Christian University Something described as saxicolous:
grows on rocks
156 Dhroov Bharatia Dallas Sports Commission What is a nematode?
an elongated cylindrical worm
190 Chaitra Thummala Bay Area Regional Spelling Bee Something described as bathyal relates to:
the deepest part of the ocean