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squire & knight

by Scott Chantler


Squire is brainy, bookish, and terribly under-appreciated by the brawny, inept knight Sir Kelton, who somehow always gets all the glory. So when the two mismatched heroes find themselves in a cursed village plagued by a demonic dragon, Kelton rides off to slay it and Squire stays behind to catch up on some reading. But Squire starts to notice that something isn't quite right about this town . . . Can he uncover its strange secrets?


Mix together Sherlock Holmes with The Hobbit, add some exceptional drawings and silly jokes, and you'll get the wonderful romp that is Squire & Knight.


SCOTT CHANTLER is the critically-acclaimed, Eisner-nominated cartoonist of Bix, Two Generals, and the Three Thieves series. Squire & Knight marks his return to the world of all-ages fantasy, with the second book of the series, Wayward Travelers, to appear in October 2024. He lives and works in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

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