2021 Round 2 Results

Word Meaning Round
Spellers eliminated in this round finished in 111th place (tied).
No. Speller's Name Speller's Sponsor Question Answer Given
1 Roy Seligman The Ministry of Education What is another word for educand?
3 Charles Fennell Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society Something described as palliative:
reduces the severity of a disease
4 Sage Sawhney Delaware Spelling Bee Collaborative Secession is:
an act of formally withdrawing from an organization
7 Zaynah Hector European PTA Something described as minuscule is:
very small in size or importance
8 Emily Snider Boca Prep International School/Kiwanis of West Palm Beach Something modular is:
capable of being easily joined to or arranged with other parts or units
9 Eliana Kut Collier County Public Schools Which of the following is an example of a tributary?
a river feeding into a larger river
11 Isabel Liu Lee County Spelling Bee What is a gastronome?
a person who loves high-quality food and drink
13 Steven Dubin The Miami Herald Something described as vernal relates to the:
14 Dev Shah Visit Central Florida What does it mean to enervate a person?
to make weak or feeble
15 Erik Williams WJXT A philharmonic is:
a musical concert or musical organization
16 Ananya Augustine Georgia Association of Educators An espadrille is a type of:
17 Long Nguyen Georgia Association of Educators Hubris is:
the organic portion of soil
Correct answer: overweening pride or arrogance
19 Shayari Shanti Adult Learners, Inc. A riviera refers to:
a coastline
20 Alesya Rathinasamy Ball State University - WIPB-TV A person described as versatile has:
a wide range of proficiencies
21 Yena Park Indiana University What does it mean to accentuate?
draw attention to
23 Pritikaa Biswas Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Another word for trepidation is:
24 Ishan Ramrakhiani Northeast Indiana Regional Spelling Bee What is pallor?
abnormal lack of color
25 Lindsay DeVore Bluegrass Literacy Project A racketeer:
makes a confused clattering noise
Correct answer: extorts money or advantages through threats
28 Aurianey Borja Charles County Public Schools What is macrobiotics?
technology dealing with the design of robots
Correct answer: the art of prolonging life
30 Charan Bala Howard County Library Something described as parliamentary relates to:
the nature of a political legislative body
31 Charlynne Lowe Maryland Sports What is a pathogen?
an element that appears on the periodic table
Correct answer: a specific cause of disease
32 Ananya Gautam The Meakem Group Something described as tensile:
relates to the act of stretching
33 Anneliese Yu Boston Centers for Youth & Families Something described as succinct:
has the ability to suction
Correct answer: lacks unnecessary words
34 Sanya Nadeem The Daily Item If something has been nucleated, it has been:
reduced to ashes
Correct answer: clustered together
39 Ryann Louwsma The County Press Something described as achromatic is lacking in:
40 Jason Shi The Herald Palladium Something described as portentous is:
plump or stout
Correct answer: foreshadowing a coming event
43 Aadhavan Veerendra New Hampshire Union Leader Something described as palpitant is:
45 Mujtaba Raja Hudson County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs What is a spoonerism?
the use of cutlery as a rhythm instrument
Correct answer: the humorous switching of word sounds
46 Sarah Carroll Lefko Literation A jonquil is a type of:
flowering plant
47 Harini Murali Press Communications If something is described as impeachable, it:
involves a charge of misbehavior in office
48 Ananya Mandrekar Sidelines and Stages What is coriander?
a pungent herb used in cooking
52 Bhavana Madini NYC Regional Spelling Bee Which of the following is most likely to be described as guttural?
a sound in speech
55 Emma Sroka The Post-Standard A referendum involves:
a popular vote
56 Sophia Amchentsev Times Herald-Record Something described as nebulous is:
hazy or lacking clarity
60 Rishidharan Jayakumar Carolina Panthers What is an accrual?
an amount of money that periodically accumulates
61 Sreethan Gajula Carolina Panthers A remark described as opprobrious is:
expressing distaste while implying inferiority
62 Logan Edwards Carolina Panthers A person described as corpulent has:
a bulky body
67 James Dover The Gaston Gazette What does a vantage give someone?
70 Andrew Yeager Akron Beacon Journal A crinoline is a type of:
Correct answer: clothing
71 Sarah Thompson Salem News, East Liverpool Review and The Morning Journal Where would you find a pharynx?
in a legendary myth
Correct answer: between the mouth and the esophagus
73 Sophia Lopez Ohio Regional Spelling Bee Another word for pious is:
74 Hurshil Nittala Ohio University College of Business Something proprietary is:
made and marketed by someone with the exclusive right to manufacture and sell
75 Srinidhi Rao SNSB At-large Region One An étude is:
a circular movement of the leg in ballet
Correct answer: a piece of music intended for study or exercise
76 Atharv Narvekar SNSB At-Large Region Two Something described as opulent refers to:
wealth or affluence
77 Rajshekhar Basu Sarkar The Blade What does it mean to intersperse?
to scatter among things or to insert at intervals
78 Isabella Fletcher The Herald-Star What is recusancy?
a refusal to comply with authority
79 Nathan McElroy The Marietta Times Parkour is:
a sport of traversing environmental obstacles
82 Matthew Dufour Tri-County Bee What is abhorrence?
very strong hatred or disgust
83 Tara Rakesh WCPO 9 An osprey is a type of:
84 Angelia Schmerr WCPO 9 Something described as telepathic:
relates to communication between minds that is perceived outside the five senses
85 Sahana Srikanth WCPO 9 A menagerie is:
a collection of wild animals
86 Christopher Dominick WFMJ Television, Inc. What does it mean to solder?
to bring together by using a melted metallic alloy
88 Pranav Anandh Delaware County Intermediate Unit Vagabonds are:
people who go idly from place to place
90 Jonathan Xi Pennsylvania State Education Association and Council for the Advancement of Public Schools What is stratification?
the craft of tuning a violin
Correct answer: separation into levels of importance
91 Rohan Mehta Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A frittata is a type of:
92 Viseth Meng WITF: Public Media for Central Pennsylvania A person who possesses equanimity has:
an uncanny ability to imitate
Correct answer: composure
93 Rania Al-Attar Eureka Enrichment & Learning Center, Inc. Someone or something that is ensconced is:
decorated with icing or frosting
Correct answer: firmly or comfortably settled
94 Seoyon Kim The Valley Breeze Another word for succulent is:
95 Lukas Chavis Pee Dee Education Center If something is done fatuously, it is done:
in a silly, foolish, or absurd manner
96 Keerthana Samuel The Post and Courier What would you most likely do with jambalaya?
eat it
98 Shriya Gangineni University of South Dakota If something is described as laconic, it is:
widely recognized and well-established
Correct answer: spoken, written, or expressed briefly
99 Alisha Chandra Chattanooga Times Free Press What would you expect to see at a symposium?
people speaking about a topic
100 Teebro Paul Knoxville News Sentinel A shar-pei is a type of:
Japanese brush
Correct answer: Chinese dog
102 Akshita Balaji Fairfax County Council PTA Something described as extant is:
currently in existence
105 Keona Thomas InsideNoVa/Prince William Ventriloquy is the act of speaking:
without moving the lips
106 Ashrita Gandhari Loudoun County Public Schools What does dissonance refer to?
harsh or clashing sounds
107 Ananya Nanduru Richmond Times-Dispatch If something is described as consequent, it:
ensues as a result
108 Jenna Ng The Roanoke Times Someone described as woebegone is:
110 Vinu Chandrasekar Charleston Gazette-Mail A machete is a type of:
111 Dhilan Patel Alabama Kiwanis Foundation What is a gaffe?
an embarrassing mistake
113 Avani Joshi Boone-Winnebago Regional Office of Education An excursion is:
a short, fun trip
117 Destiny Johnson ComEd, An Exelon Company What does homeostasis refer to?
a tendency to have a stable internal environment
120 Silvana Solsoloy Peoria Journal Star Nomenclature has to do with:
122 Sahasrad Sathish Lake County Regional Office of Education Something described as coeval is:
of the same age or antiquity
123 Arnav Kolluru Macon-Piatt Regional Office of Education Phycology is the science of:
Correct answer: algae
124 Kathleen Keesey Regional Office of Education #47 What is a topiary?
a shrub cut into a decorative shape
126 Amitoj Chouhan The Dispatch Argus Another word for stupefy is:
129 Ishya Bhavsar Kansas Press Association Turpitude is:
130 Garrett Li Olathe Public Schools What is a dromedary?
a camel
131 Jonah Stout Kiwanis Club of Lafayette What are ramifications?
133 Zaila Avant-garde New Orleans Chapter of The Links What is an ordinance?
a local law or regulation
134 Eliana Szabo Lakes Country Service Cooperative What is garniture?
the process or fact of being born
Correct answer: a material used in fireworks
136 Greta Alajoki Sourcewell What is the meaning of prorogue?
to ask or make a solemn supplication
Correct answer: to postpone or delay
138 Isaac Ahn Southeast Service Cooperative What does bravado refer to?
swaggering behavior
139 Eesh Majithia Mississippi Association of Educators What does flambé mean?
covered with liquor and lit on fire briefly
141 Drew Clawson Mid-Continent Public Library What is a synonym of arduous?
143 Emaan Arshad Park Hill School District What is a surrogate?
a substitute for another
145 Colette Giezentanner St. Louis Post-Dispatch Something described as brusque is:
short and abrupt
146 Jiya Shetty Columbia Missourian What does it mean to repudiate?
to refuse to believe or approve of something
147 Pooja Dayaratna Three Rivers College Something described as quintessential is:
the purest of its kind
148 Hannah Fernandes Omaha World-Herald A splenetic person can be described as:
149 Collin Loeks North Dakota State Spelling Bee Another word for staid is:
150 Mary Kauffman KJRH-TV A perpetrator is:
one that commits an offense or crime
151 Thansi Garikipati Oklahoma City Thunder A dystopia is a:
terrible imaginary place
152 Cross Burgess Tennessee Titans Something described as multifarious is:
Correct answer: varied
154 Elizabeth Thompson University of Memphis Something described as retrograde is:
moving backwards
155 Vivinsha Veduru Texas Christian University Which of the following is another word for inimical?
156 Dhroov Bharatia Dallas Sports Commission A proviso introduces:
a condition or limitation
157 Karishma Pilla Dallas Sports Commission One who exhibits temerity is:
Correct answer: reckless
158 Shijay Sivakumar Ector County Independent School District Froufrou is:
excessive decoration in clothing
159 Ramya Elangovan Houston Public Media Where would you purchase an entrée?
at a restaurant
160 Shawn Ray Houston Public Media Prosthetic is:
related to an artificial device to replace a missing body part
161 Jonah Bryant Kiwanis Club of Abilene Phlox are a type of:
herbs with colorful flowers
162 Maya Mollick KRIS Communications Grandeur is the quality of being:
visually majestic or magnificent
163 Emmanuel Rimocal Laredo Morning Times What does it mean to dragoon?
to bully or intimidate into submission
164 Shwetha Jayakumar Midland Reporter-Telegram A bazooka is a type of:
165 Matthew Noel Ramar Communications What does it mean to eschew?
spit out
Correct answer: shun
166 Vihaan Sibal Rapoport Holdings, LLC Something described as sardonic is:
marked by mockery
167 Ethan Taw Rio Grande Valley AIM Media Texas What is another word for nascent?
168 Akash Vukoti San Angelo Area Spelling Bee A macaw is a type of:
169 Harini Logan The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre Association What is cytoplasm?
cell matter outside of the cell nucleus
171 Akshainie Kamma West Austin Chamber of Commerce What is a dowager?
an older woman who is prominent in a community
172 Tarini Nandakumar West Austin Chamber of Commerce Something described as sartorial relates to:
173 Immanuel Goveas Wisconsin State Journal What are smithereens?
174 Maya Jadhav Wisconsin State Journal Something described as menial is:
related to work that does not require any special skill
175 Ty Blacker Wisconsin State Journal Something described as prenuptial:
occurs before marriage
176 Blanche Li Boulder Valley School District A musical piece described as melismatic has:
a sudden crescendo
Correct answer: melodic embellishment
177 Vikram Raju The Denver Post Feudalism is:
a socioeconomic system
181 Christabel Thiel-Hadjilambrinos The Albuquerque Journal Freesia is:
a plant with fragrant flowers
182 Marium Zahra EPISD Education Foundation What are stigmata?
openings in a cell
Correct answer: marks resembling the injuries of Christ
183 Peregrine Lewis Herald Journal Another word for avarice is:
185 Aditya Jonnalagedda The City Journals If something is described as myopic, it is:
lacking in foresight
189 Tanish Doshi Arizona Educational Foundation What is a registrar in charge of?
keeping academic records
190 Chaitra Thummala Bay Area Regional Spelling Bee A bastion is:
a literal or figurative stronghold
191 Vayun Krishna Bay Area Regional Spelling Bee If something evokes pathos, it evokes:
pity or compassion
192 Jaedillene Laurino Imperial County Office of Education Something olfactory:
is connected with the sense of smell
193 Brayden Gallardo Monterey County Office of Education Weather described as inclement is:
rough or stormy
194 Irene Thomas Los Angeles Spelling Bee Collaborative Something metatarsal is:
relating to the part of the foot that forms the instep
195 Arth Dalsania SAGE Publishing What does it mean to undergird?
196 Caleb Rodriguez San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Something described as mimetic:
closes so tightly as to be impermeable or nearly so to air
Correct answer: copies the appearance of something else for protection
197 Achuth Vinay The Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools A presumptuous person is known to:
take liberties
198 Baominh Le The Orange County Register What is stamina?
staying power
199 Sophia Lin The Orange County Register Something described as oblique is:
slanting in direction or position
200 Lara Randhawa The Press-Enterprise What is a platitude?
a trite remark or insipid truism
201 Shireen Abdolmohammadi The Sacramento Bee What is a terminus?
a division of an educational curriculum
Correct answer: an end in either direction of a transportation line
203 Kleema Al-Ghazali Visalia Times-Delta/Tulare Advance-Register An anglophile is a person who:
favors sharp corners in design
Correct answer: admires England and its culture
207 Ashley Reed Pamplin Media Group What is another word for shenanigans?
209 Yugen Padhye The Japan Times Something described as volucrine relates to:
Correct answer: birds