2022 Round 2 Results

Word Meaning Round
Spellers eliminated in this round finished in 135th place (tied).
No. Speller's Name Speller's Sponsor Question Answer Given
1 Sahasrad Sathish Lake County Regional Office of Education A kleptocrat is:
a government official who prioritizes personal gain above all else
4 Charlie Palmore The Washington Informer An epithet is:
a word or phrase meant as an insult
5 Ishan Ramrakhiani SNSB Indiana Regional Bee Someone described as affable:
is easy to get along with
6 Joshua Diocares Kent Intermediate School District What is a chupacabra?
a legendary creature that drinks the blood of livestock
7 Edith Dawson The Dispatch Argus What is another word for hackneyed?
8 Juan Rondeau The Miami Herald What is an aqueduct?
a channel for water
11 Achyut Ethiraj SNSB Indiana Regional Bee What is a cavalcade?
a procession
12 Vikrant Chintanaboina SNSB Regional Bee (Region Two) Something described as ineluctable is:
14 Sydney Graham Envision Credit Union An emissary is:
an agent or representative
15 Lara Randhawa Riverside County Office of Education What is a catalyst?
something that starts a process or change
16 Petra Sarpong Young Educators Foundation What is an epoch?
a long period of time
17 Tejas Raman Boulder Valley School District To commandeer is to:
seize possession of
19 Mihir Konkapaka The San Diego Union-Tribune What is a reprisal?
an act of retaliation, as for an injury or other harm
20 Braydon Syx Alabama Kiwanis Foundation Another word for tremulous is:
21 Rehan Koshy SNSB Regional Bee for Illinois and Texas Something described as parodic:
imitates the style of an author or work for comic effect
23 Noemie Jackson-Weaver The Washington Informer Something described as diaphanous is:
24 John Eoh KERO 23 ABC A person with a phlegmatic temperament is:
Correct answer: calm
25 Christian Cherian Howard County Library Something described as clandestine is:
done in secret
26 Brody Santos The Miami Herald A curmudgeon is:
a grouchy person
27 Shradha Rachamreddy SNSB Regional Bee (Region Two) What is an artifice?
a crafty trick
28 Wyatt Jalocha Ludington Daily News What would most likely be made with vellum?
a dress
Correct answer: a book
29 Abram Polley Indiana University An apiary is a collection of what?
32 Tejas Katira Kane County Regional Office of Education A macrocosm is:
something considered a whole world within itself
33 Julia Settevendemie Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society What is another word for quotidian?
34 Varshitha Bojanapati SNSB Regional Bee (Region One) What is an apogee?
the place of farthest distance from Earth's center in the orbit of a satellite
36 Ananya Augustine Georgia Association of Educators If someone describes you as loquacious, you:
talk a lot
40 Isaac Morowitz Chicago Public Schools What is another word for animus?
Correct answer: hatred
42 N'Adom Darko-Asare Young Educators Foundation An aperture is:
an index used to evaluate the condition of a newborn infant
Correct answer: the adjustable hole in a camera lens that lets light in
43 Sam Evans WJXT What does a phonetician study?
sounds made in speech
47 Dominic Marroquin Olathe Public Schools To equivocate is:
to speak passionately
Correct answer: to beat around the bush
48 Sahil Thorat Louisiana State University Shreveport A person described as indolent is:
lazy, indulgent, and avoiding labor
49 Joey Finnerty Lafayette Adult Resource Academy Epoxy is:
a substitute
Correct answer: a glue
50 Nesika Bellville Sourcewell What is another word for valorous?
Correct answer: courageous
52 Tristan Schneichel SAGE Publishing Something described as ignominious:
is of lofty origin or high birth
Correct answer: is marked by disgrace or shame
53 Arnav Kolluru Macon-Piatt Regional Office of Education Something described as fiduciary:
involves a confidence or trust
56 Annie-Lois Acheampong Young Educators Foundation Nutation is:
a motion of the earth's axis like the nodding of a top
58 Jonathan Dezir Grundy/Kendall County Regional Office of Education The cerebellum is part of:
the brain
59 Navtaj Singh Lewiston Tribune A palazzo is:
a palace or other large imposing residence
60 Jason Khan The Orange County Register What does it mean to upbraid?
reprimand severely
61 Aisha Haque Frederick County Public Libraries What is sciatica?
widespread disruption of normal liver structure
Correct answer: nerve pain in the lower back, hip, and leg
62 Levi Gould Lakes Country Service Cooperative A davenport is:
a hat
Correct answer: a couch
63 Zoe Keith Boulder Valley School District Malfeasance is:
an act of wrongdoing
65 Ekansh Rastogi Orlando City SC What is resplendence?
the quality or state of emitting or reflecting light very brightly
67 Advaith Balakrishnan ComEd, An Exelon Company What is a circumflex?
an unexpected situation
Correct answer: a type of linguistic mark
69 Bryce Melgar Visalia Times-Delta/Tulare Advance-Register Something described as mitigative:
makes something less severe
72 Moksh Kanukurthy Metropolitan Educational Cooperative Service Unit What is another word for assiduous?
73 Riya Koya Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis What is an altercation?
a loud disagreement
75 Saketh Madhusudhan The Daily Item A parable is:
a story that teaches a moral lesson
76 Vikram Raju The Denver Post If something is described as probative, it is:
serving to provide, establish, or contribute toward proof
79 Shrey Parikh San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools When you expunge something, you:
obliterate it completely
81 Akira Harris European PTA What is a bandicoot?
a person who steals, especially in a shameless or pitiless manner
Correct answer: a small marsupial mammal found in Australia and surrounding areas
82 Aaron Kuebler Orlando City SC Somniloquy is the practice of:
talking in one's sleep
83 Sulayman Abdirahman Boston Centers for Youth & Families What does it mean to harrumph?
to make a throat-clearing sound suggestive of self-importance
84 Avyay Kodali Pepper Construction and Wight & Company What would you use a dentifrice for?
cleaning teeth
85 Pihu Sahai The Herald Palladium What is another word for bellwether?
87 Aliyah Alpert Arizona Educational Foundation What does it mean to malinger?
to pretend to be sick to get out of working
88 Zain Malik WFCU Credit Union What is depredation?
reduction to a lower rank, position, or level
Correct answer: the act of plundering or pillaging
89 Japleen Dhillon The Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools What is an annuity?
an amount payable at regular intervals
91 Daniel Lemus Imperial County Office of Education An escarpment is:
a steep slope between two flat surfaces
92 Aditi Shashidhara Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas A paucity is:
a believable story
Correct answer: a small number
93 Sam Passe Southeast Service Cooperative Another word for inveterate is:
94 Nimal Murugan Georgia Association of Educators What does comportment refer to?
95 Kalleb Oliveira The Martha's Vineyard Times Something described as epicurean:
recurs annually
Correct answer: is stimulating and satisfying to the senses
98 Wolfgang Schaff Boone-Winnebago Regional Office of Education If something is described as varicose, it is:
excessively dilated or swollen
99 Vikram Reddy The Meakem Group What does obstreperous mean?
stubbornly defiant
101 Amelia Glass Cape Breton University What is a boondoggle?
a recreational vehicle for use on beaches
Correct answer: a wasteful or useless project
102 Dhroov Bharatia Dallas Sports Commission What is a roustabout?
a laborer with no technical training
103 Sophia Lopez SNSB Michigan and Ohio Regional Bee What is an aberration?
a shift from the usual state of things
104 Abhilash Patel Orange-Ulster BOCES A perquisite is something that is:
expected in addition to one's regular salary or wages
105 Tarini Nandakumar Sweet Success ATX Something that is festooned is:
suspended in a decorative chain
106 Arnav Parat Amarillo College A conch is a type of:
mollusk or seashell
108 Aanya Shetty Columbia Missourian If you are in the doldrums, you are:
sad or depressed
109 Rayeann Sharma SNSB Michigan and Ohio Regional Bee What does rectitude refer to?
adherence to moral standards
111 Tyler Nuttall South Jersey Spelling Bee A conundrum is:
a hard puzzle or a difficult problem
112 Logan Edwards Carolina Panthers Something described as exorbitant is:
113 Harini Murali Press Communications What are errata?
a list of errors in a printed work
114 Addison Champion The Shelby Star What is another word for mellifluous?
115 Cyrus Law Corning Rotary Club Flotsam is:
fragments of a shipwreck found floating on the sea
116 Gustavo Brignoni Eureka Enrichment & Learning Center Something described as effete is:
soft as a result of easy living
118 Pranav Anandh Delaware County Intermediate Unit What does it mean to bifurcate?
to separate into two parts
120 Luc Calagsing Pee Dee Education Center A leviathan is:
a large sea animal
123 Paula Daglieri The Valley Breeze Something declamatory is:
unwanted or without an owner
Correct answer: characterized by rhetorical display
124 Andrew Yeager Akron Beacon Journal What does miasma refer to?
a fluid part of blood
Correct answer: a vaporous atmosphere
126 Krishang Indaana Bergen County Division of Cultural & Historic Affairs If something is described as replete, it is:
well provided or fully supplied
127 Ava Anderson Nyssa School District 26 What does it mean to feign something?
give a false appearance of it
128 Akhil Giddaluri Chattanooga Times Free Press What is a uvula?
the hanging fleshy lobe in the soft palate
129 Ananya Rao Prassanna Omaha Sports Commission Someone or something described as louche is:
130 Jianna Marina Diamond City Sports What does is mean to instigate?
to provoke or incite
131 Vale Esposito ScholarSkills for STARS Tempeh is:
a food made from soybeans
132 Tessa Jones Kiwanis Club of Abilene What is jocularity?
a tendency to say amusing things
133 Ariel Alhouwari University of Memphis What is elocution?
the art of oratory
134 Gabriel Fang ScholarSkills for STARS What is volition?
the action of choosing
135 Yash Shelar St. Louis Post-Dispatch Another word for venial is:
136 Alexis Reel Carolina Panthers What is terra-cotta?
a reddish ceramic material
138 Luna Gasevic NDACS Another word for parsimony is:
139 Parker Pacifico ESC of the Western Reserve A nexus is:
a series or group that is connected
140 Joey Constantine WFMJ Television, Inc. Bruschetta is a type of:
142 Addy Veerendra New Hampshire Union Leader Someone or something that is advocatory:
argues for a particular cause
147 Mya Maijala Three Rivers College Something done hermetically is done:
in a manner that prevents entry or change
148 Kaitlyn Toole Carolina Panthers A vassal is:
an immense space
Correct answer: a feudal land leaser
149 Echo Brock USC Upstate What is a quince?
an acidic yellow fruit
152 Vivinsha Veduru Texas Christian University What does it mean to supplicate?
request modestly of someone or something
153 Makayla McGuire Mosaic Life Care Foundation Something described as surreptitious is:
bursting apart
Correct answer: done secretly
154 Tallulah Green Hull WHYY What is an accolade?
praise or honor for something one did
155 Jane Ross Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Who would most likely receive plaudits?
an author releasing a new book
156 Andrew Smith The Republican Herald A pugilist is:
a person who boxes professionally
157 Avinav Prem Anand Ohio University College of Business What is another word for integument?
159 Jeremy Landau WHYY A person described as imperious is:
160 Chris Dominick WFMJ Television, Inc. If something is utilitarian, it:
has a useful function
161 Marium Zahra EPISD Education Foundation Which of the following is most likely to be vitreous?
a mirror
162 Dahlia Cunningham Pamplin Media Group Alacrity is:
163 Shaylynn Dennis Salem News, East Liverpool Review and The Morning Journal Which of these would be most dulcet?
a popular lullaby
164 Jessica Widodo The Commercial Dispatch What does it mean to juxtapose?
to place side by side
165 Harini Jayakumar Carolina Panthers Something described as macular:
is spotted
167 Jacob Theaker The Times Leader What does it mean to discombobulate?
Correct answer: confuse
168 Michael Kolagani Sweet Success ATX A rotisserie is a type of:
cooking appliance
169 Rex Dover The Gaston Gazette Something mawkish is:
falsely sentimental
170 Antonia Antov Raymore-Peculiar School District Something described as epistolary is:
written as a series of letters
171 Shivam Kolwalkar The Post and Courier Someone or something described as indigent is:
of or having to do with a native population of a certain place
Correct answer: impoverished or needy
174 Priana Khant Pennsylvania State Education Association and Council for the Advancement of Public Schools Occipital relates to:
the back part of the head
176 Brook Stewart Mid-Continent Public Library Vaudeville is a type of:
stage entertainment
177 Tara Rakesh WCPO 9 What does it mean to expostulate?
reason earnestly in order to dissuade
178 Sahana Srikanth WCPO 9 What is severance?
the act of dividing or breaking up into parts
179 Sophia Tun The Fayetteville Observer A chortle is:
a sound expressing pleasure or joy
182 Armaan Singhvi Tennessee Titans What can you buy at a bodega?
ball gowns
Correct answer: groceries
183 Riya Anumakonda Carolina Panthers Tractability is the quality of being:
easily taught or managed
185 Nagi Aitbayeva The Post-Standard Something described as vespertine:
is adorned with interlacings suggestive of lizards
Correct answer: passes below the horizon with the sun
187 Isaac Imboden Times Union What is a concordance?
a collection of treaties between two states
Correct answer: an alphabetical index of words in a work
188 Andrew Macdonald The Herald-Star What is a sabbatical?
a paid absence in order to rest or research
189 Kirsten Santos Houston Public Media Something described as prehensile is:
adapted for grasping by wrapping around
192 Rishi Jayakumar Carolina Panthers Something described as revenant is:
193 Micah Sterling Watertown Daily Times A ventricle is:
a chamber of the heart
194 Katherine Connolly Chester County Intermediate Unit What is embezzlement?
theft of money
196 Miriam Campfield Tennessee Titans What are tapas?
small amounts of food served informally
197 Nitya Kathiravan Somerset County Library System What is another word for limpid?
198 Ishika Varipilli Houston Public Media Something described as majuscule is:
written in large letters
199 Dhagash Desai Sidelines and Stages Something described as noxious is:
harmful or destructive to humans
200 Safi Sajid ScholarSkills for STARS A promontory is:
land protruding into a body of water beyond the coastline
202 Charlotte Walsh Fairfax County Council PTA Something described as gubernatorial is related to:
a governor
204 Shreeya Sivakumar Midland Reporter-Telegram What are gnocchi?
pasta dumplings often made with cheese or riced potato
205 Vihaan Sibal Rapoport Holdings, LLC In which class would you most likely study a rhapsody?
206 Saharsh Vuppala Wyoming Systems Group of Businesses Another word for prodigious is:
207 Prince Parker Brown Ramar Communications What does it mean to succumb?
yield to a force or appeal
208 Maya Jean Jadhav Wisconsin State Journal Something described as carpal is related to:
the wrist
212 Jie Laboriante Rio Grande Valley AIM Media Texas Something described as grandiloquent is:
marked by pompous or bombastic language
213 Nathaniel Rimocal Laredo Morning Times What does it mean to abrogate?
put an end to something by official ruling
214 Elise Cournoyer VTDigger If a person undergoes apotheosis, they:
enter a trancelike state from hypnosis
Correct answer: become godly
216 Bryan Milstead Rockingham District Ruritans What does it mean to manumit?
to write by hand
Correct answer: to set free
218 Bryce Nguyen The Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram A talisman is supposed to:
ward off evil
219 Maria Del Carmen Sanchez The Ministry of Education A bulwark is:
a large male bovine
Correct answer: a significant protection against danger
220 Gavin Maxey Big Brothers and Big Sisters A person described as hoity-toity:
acts superior
221 Deetya Vuppala Wyoming Systems Group of Businesses What does it mean to affront?
to insult by words or behavior especially to the face
222 Roy Seligman The Ministry of Education Another word for ulterior is:
223 Surya Kapu The City Journals Something described as anserine:
resembles a goose
224 Graham Woodruff The Roanoke Times Suffrage is:
the right to take part in electing public officials
226 Akash Vukoti San Angelo Area Spelling Bee Something described as revulsive:
induces extreme aversion or dislike
227 Peyton DeMichele InsideNoVa/Prince William A laureate has:
an award for outstanding achievement
230 Henry Mathewes The Daily Progress and News Virginian A person described as prolix is:
given to long-winded speeches
231 Harini Logan The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre Association If something has a mordant tone, it is:
biting or incisive
232 Sirjana Kaur Town Hall Seattle A language that is logographic:
uses written signs that represent complete words
233 Pahrto Asadi WHRO Public Media What does it mean to emulsify?
to combine two hard-to-mix liquids
234 Shijay Sivakumar Ector County Independent School District A humerus is a type of: