2023 Results

Round 2 - Word Meaning Round

Spellers eliminated in this round finished in 140th place (tied).
No. Speller's Name Speller's Sponsor Question Answer Given
4 Opal Mishra Arizona Educational Foundation Something described as subcutaneous:
is located beneath the skin
5 Karen Opoku-Appoh Arizona Educational Foundation What does it mean to immolate?
to sacrifice oneself in the interests of some goal or cause
7 Zeeshan Anower Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas Someone described as lugubrious is marked by:
good humor or high spirits
Correct answer: sorrow or grief
8 Jean Bounkousonh KERO Channel 23 What is clairvoyance?
the professed ability to see objects which are hidden from view or far away
9 Dhruv Subramanian San Ramon Valley Rotary Club Glitterati are:
people who are famous, attractive, and rich
10 Justin Tran SNSB California Regional Bee Something described as reverberant:
tends to repeat in echoes
11 Julia Murillo-Nuñez Imperial County Office of Education Indemnity is a type of:
protection against hurt or loss or damage
12 Leo Wu The Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools A phenotype is:
a photograph made upon light-sensitive paper
Correct answer: an organism's visible characteristics
13 Aaron Lim The Orange County Register Another word for seraphic is:
14 Avi Randhawa Riverside County Office of Education An osteopath is a type of:
medical practitioner
16 Phoebe Laguna San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools What does a fabulist create?
Correct answer: moral stories
17 Jup Singh San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools What does deglaciation refer to?
the disappearance of slowly moving masses of ice
18 Mihir Konkapaka The San Diego Union-Tribune Jingoism is:
loud or arrogant nationalism
19 Vikrant Chintanaboina San Ramon Valley Rotary Club What does it mean to obfuscate?
to make so complex as to cause confusion
20 Shradha Rachamreddy San Ramon Valley Rotary Club Something described as minacious is:
of a threatening character
21 Arth Dalsania SAGE Publishing A sarcophagus is:
a coffin
22 Sarvadnya Kadam Visalia Times-Delta/Tulare Advance-Register What does it mean to trespass?
pass over an existing boundary line
23 Eleanor Jeavons ECU Regional Bee What is virulence?
an instance of inconsistency between otherwise like things
Correct answer: the characteristic of being able to defeat a host's defenses
25 Isaac Brogan WFCU Credit Union Someone described as bumptious is:
self-assertive to an obnoxious degree
27 Aditi Muthukumar The Denver Post An accomplice is someone who:
helps another commit a crime
28 Nathan Settevendemie Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society Someone who is cantankerous is:
grumpy and argumentative
31 Jerald Jude Campana The Washington Informer A flexitarian has:
a normally meatless diet that occasionally includes meat or fish
34 Lizzy Beers Lee County Spelling Bee What is a follicle?
a small cavity
35 Westin Martin WJXT Where would you most likely use litmus?
in chemistry class
36 Dev Shah SNSB Region One Bee Grotesqueness is the quality of being:
comically out of place or absurd
37 Juan Rondeau Miami Herald If something is described as auricular, it is:
perceived through the sense of hearing
38 Lancaster Gramer Miami Herald Merino is a type of:
heavily veined marble native to Italy
Correct answer: fine wool and cotton yarn used for knitwear
39 Luke Brown Collier County Public Schools A patrician:
is of noble birth
40 Evander Turner Orlando City SC A syndicate is:
a loose union of people who extort money
42 Bruhat Soma SNSB Region One Bee An ermine is a type of:
43 Sai Lakkimsetti Georgia Association of Educators What does it mean to trounce?
win victory over in a decisive manner
44 Matthew Baber Georgia Association of Educators What is a cicada?
a locust
45 N'Adom Darko-Asare Young Educators Foundation What does malaise refer to?
a general lack of health
46 Mychelle Kumah Young Educators Foundation Another word for piety is:
47 Janice Nketsiah Young Educators Foundation Papyrus is a type of:
writing material
49 Sophia Chan Hawaii State Spelling Bee A diadem is a type of:
52 Navtaj Singh Lewiston Tribune What is a soirée?
a party that happens in the evening
53 Annette Chu SNSB Illinois Regional Bee What is a repository?
a container, room, or place where something is stored
54 Lukas Nowak Will County Regional Office of Education Carnitas are:
small pieces of cooked meat
56 Srinidhi Rao ComEd and Tyndale House Publishers A château is:
a large country house
57 Steven Jiang Chicago Public Schools A noctambulist is a person who:
walks in their sleep
58 Khadijah Abdul-Rahman Macon-Piatt Regional Office of Education What is fondant used for?
decorating cakes
61 Francis Nnodi Kane County Regional Office of Education What is an example of a brogue?
a tree frog
Correct answer: an Irish accent
62 Julissa Negron Boone-Winnebago Regional Office of Education Where would you most likely encounter a bonsai?
in a greenhouse
63 Vishrut Kinikar McHenry County Regional Office of Education A treatise is most like:
an essay
65 Alex Ottens Regional Office of Education #47 If something has been ballyhooed, it has been:
overturned in a body of water
Correct answer: advertised by means of cheap sensationalism
66 Daphne Gil Lake County Regional Office of Education What is an arboretum?
a place where trees and shrubs are grown
68 Achyut Ethiraj SNSB Indiana Regional Bee Something described as importunate is:
troublesomely urgent
69 Gavin Sigua IU School of Education at IUPUI A person who is contrite is:
70 Sharanya Kar Lafayette Adult Resource Academy A funambulist is:
a tightrope walker
74 Manu Sripathi Olathe Public Schools What is another word for beneficent?
76 Noah Brumfield Visit Hopkinsville Turgor refers to:
a large European flatfish
Correct answer: the normal state of fullness in living cells
77 Isabella Carver Visit Hopkinsville What does it mean to ingratiate?
fix deeply through repetition
Correct answer: make agreeable to someone
78 Ian Gibson Visit Hopkinsville What is another word for antipathy?
79 Rishaan Reddy University Laboratory School An estuary is:
a water passage where the tide meets the current of a stream
80 Aiden Pham Kiwanis Club of Lafayette What is a billabong?
a stagnant pond
81 Kai Richardson SagamoreHill Broadcasting LLC What are armaments?
combat weapons and equipment
82 Nayara de Silva-Ahmed New Orleans Chapter of The Links An example of biomimicry would be:
a bird that imitates another bird's call to impress a mate
Correct answer: a shoe fastener designed like the gripping seeds of a plant
83 Sahil Thorat Louisiana State University Shreveport A hermitage is:
a private retreat
84 Evan Trieu Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram What is murmuration?
uttering low or continuous noises
86 Ayesha Syed Maryland Sports What does an interlocutor do?
takes part in a conversation
87 Larry Liao The Meakem Group What is cybernetics?
the comparative study of communication and control in human and artificial intelligence
88 Navya Dwivedi Howard County Library If something is described as necrotic, it:
produces death in living tissue
91 Evangelene Hill University of Maryland Eastern Shore What is geocaching?
a game where players use geographical coordinates to locate items
92 Tanoshi Inomata Boston Centers for Youth & Families Something described as pendulous can:
linger forever
Correct answer: swing freely
93 Adarsh Venkannagari The Daily Item What are brethren?
people linked together by a common tie
94 Emily Demlow SNSB Michigan and Ohio Regional Bee Something described as celestial is:
related to the sky
96 Anwesha Ahmed WXYZ Channel 7 Something described as provincial is:
97 Brady Bowers Kent ISD What is trefoil?
98 Clara Mervak Discover Kalamazoo To fulminate is to communicate:
menacingly or authoritatively
99 Owen Smielewski The County Press A person who is churlish is:
101 Sidhanth Vetrivel The Herald Palladium A Requiem is:
a grand musical hymn in honor of the dead
102 Hazel Danziger Traverse City Record-Eagle Adhesion is:
individual disharmony with the nature of things
Correct answer: strong connection with a person or concept
103 Aryan Khedkar Oakland Schools Education Foundation An ombudsman is someone who:
investigates complaints
104 Vihaan Kapil Success Beyond the Classroom Something idiosyncratic is:
happening at the same time as something else
Correct answer: marked by a peculiar way of behaving or thinking
105 Maximus Katsoulis Lakes Country Service Cooperative A duvet is:
a warm cover for a bed
110 Baruni Jakkula The Commercial Dispatch What does quiddity refer to?
the quality of being a busybody or gossip
Correct answer: the essential nature of something
111 Aanya Shetty Columbia Missourian A rebuff is:
a snub or rejection
112 Garrett Fry Mid-Continent Public Library A graphologist is:
a specialist in analyzing handwriting
114 Colby Armes Three Rivers College What is tapioca?
a varnish for wood
Correct answer: starch used to thicken foods
116 Julianna Mullins Mosaic Life Care Foundation Ebullience is:
Correct answer: exuberance
117 Sonia Kulkarni Saint Louis University A marimba is a type of:
118 Natalie Russ Montana Television Network Something described as approbatory is expressing:
Correct answer: commendation
119 Sarah Fernandes Omaha Sports Commission What does it mean to acquit oneself well?
to perform one's duties satisfactorily
121 Sarina Ali The Public Education Foundation A sedge is a type of:
grasslike herb
122 Iris LaMoreaux New Hampshire Union Leader What is a montage?
a quick sequence of images in film or TV that establishes theme, mood, or passage of time
123 Atharv Narvekar Somerset County Library System The duodenum is part of the:
small intestine
125 Kavya Jakasania Hudson County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs Striation is the state of being:
marked with narrow lines or bands
126 Aria Khambhati Sidelines and Stages What is a conduit?
a motto
Correct answer: a water channel
129 Keith Lee The Albuquerque Journal Another word for pugnacious is:
130 Saheb Sarkar Corning Rotary Club A remonstrance is:
a sum of money sent to another person or place
Correct answer: an act of saying or pleading in protest or opposition
132 Noah Kaplan SNSB New York State Regional Bee A vermicide is used for destroying:
133 Brian Liu ScholarSkills for STARS Someone who suffers from agoraphobia is afraid of what?
open spaces
134 Lora Wu ScholarSkills for STARS Pashmina refers to:
the under fleece of upland goats
135 Vale Esposito ScholarSkills for STARS Someone exhibiting nonchalance seems:
indifferent or unconcerned
136 Stephen Chehata Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES What is an acrostic?
a poem in which initial letters of words or lines spell out a word or name
137 Richard Tang The Daily Star What is an egress?
a waterfowl
Correct answer: an exit
138 Simran Sanders The Post-Standard An abstemious person is likely to:
eat sparingly
139 Micah Sterling Watertown Daily Times What is a heptad?
a group of seven
140 Ananya Rao Prassanna Carolina Panthers A cenotaph is:
a monument honoring someone who is buried in another place
141 Peyton Goldenstein Carolina Panthers Neonatology is a branch of:
linguistics that studies newly coined words
Correct answer: medicine concerned with newborn infants
142 Rex Dover Carolina Panthers If something is bedraggled, it is:
soaked and droopy
143 Reyansh Joshi Carolina Panthers If you give credence to something, you:
accept it as true
144 Rishi Jayakumar Carolina Panthers Something described as derelict is:
abandoned or run-down
148 Lila Rechel Harnett County Schools Something described as ursine relates to:
a liquid
Correct answer: a bear
150 Luna Gasevic ND Association of County Superintendents What is another word for hydrophobia?
151 Emma Liu Akron Beacon Journal A person who exhibits savoir faire tends to:
get along well with others
152 Tia Geisler ESC of the Western Reserve Hypochondria is:
the point on the earth's surface below a nuclear explosion
Correct answer: extreme concern often centered on imaginary ailments
153 Avinav Prem Anand Ohio University College of Business Something described as banal is:
155 Tara Rakesh WCPO 9 Something described as fungible:
is shaped like a mushroom
Correct answer: is interchangeable with something else
157 Advait Nishit ESC of Northeast Ohio What is connivery?
the act of conspiring to cheat or deceive
158 Bridget Smith Educational Service Center of Lorain County What is a fracas?
a low-intensity earthquake
Correct answer: a loud brawl or fight
159 Ope Balogun The Lima News A capstan is:
the lookout on the mainmast of a ship
Correct answer: a pulley used to control the magnetic tape on a recorder
160 Shaylynn Dennis Salem News, East Liverpool Review and The Morning Journal A cattalo is:
a hybrid between the American bison and domestic cow
161 Henry Corcoran The Marietta Times What is the job of an apothecary?
to dispense medicines
162 Jacob Theaker The Times Leader What is another word for pariah?
Correct answer: outcast
163 Andrew Macdonald The Herald-Star A misnomer is:
an incorrect designation or term
164 Lainey Gardner The Blade To be cognizant of something is to be:
willfully ignorant about it
Correct answer: aware of it
165 Joey Constantine WFMJ Television, Inc. What does encroach mean?
to gradually intrude into another's territory
166 Archer Thompson Oklahoma City Thunder What is an alma mater?
a school from which one has graduated
167 Hannah Kauffman 2 News Oklahoma If something is described as geriatric, it:
relates to elderly people
168 Rohan Sekar Pamplin Media Group Which of these would most likely be described as austere?
a prediction of good luck
Correct answer: an empty white room
169 Christian Miller Chester County Intermediate Unit Where would you encounter a pinnacle?
at the top of a mountain
170 Kenzo Veron WITF: Public Media for Central Pennsylvania What is a wunderkind?
a person who thrives in a challenging field at a young age
172 Pranav Anandh Delaware County Intermediate Unit What does it mean to adjudicate?
to judge or decide on
174 Sandhana Rajesh WHYY A chemise is a type of:
176 Isaac Geremew WHYY What is another word for extrapolate?
177 Raana Parchuri Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A phylum is:
a division or category of the animal kingdom
178 Tyler Kulikosky The Republican Herald An affluent person is:
182 Siqi Fang The Post and Courier What is blarney?
smooth flattering talk
183 Luc Calagsing Pee Dee Education Center Tiramisu is a type of:
185 Charli Fickbohm University of South Dakota If something is described as cryogenic, it:
involves the use of very low temperatures
186 Audrey Dougherty Tennessee Titans What is ascension?
the process of rising upward to a higher degree or level
187 Rainaa Bhupesh University of Memphis Something described as vicarious is experienced:
through imaginative participation in the experience of another
188 Armaan Singhvi Tennessee Titans If something is described as intuitable, it is:
knowable by insight or without reasoning
189 Sariah Titus Kiwanis Club of Abilene Something described as lumbar is:
related to or near the vertebrae of the lower back
190 Jayden Zheng Education Credit Union Malapropism is:
a blundering, often ludicrous use of the wrong word
191 Shrethan Botla Sweet Success ATX What is another word for propinquity?
192 Tarini Nandakumar Sweet Success ATX If something is described as languorous, it:
produces listless indolence or dreaminess
193 Jaxon Escobar KRIS Communications What is rustication?
a reddish porous coating
Correct answer: retirement to or residence in the country
194 Sriya Gomatam Dallas Sports Commission What is another term for gypsum?
195 Faizan Zaki Dallas Sports Commission If you corral a herd, you:
gather and confine it
196 Arnav Tonde EPISD Education Foundation What is an echelon?
a level in an organization
197 Brihasa Veduru Texas Christian University A corollary is:
a proposition that naturally follows one just proved
198 Luke Nguyen Houston Community College Something factitious is:
Correct answer: artificial
199 Ishika Varipilli Houston Community College Something described as orthogonal:
intersects at right angles
200 Kirsten Tiffany Santos Houston Community College A calabash is a type of:
202 Ava Flores Ramar Communications What does it mean to truncate?
make something shorter by cutting
204 Shwetha Jayakumar Midland Reporter-Telegram A waiver is:
the act of purposely giving up a known claim or right
205 Siyona Kandala The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre Association A schism is:
a division into two disagreeing groups
206 Ajay Gundlapalli Ector County Independent School District What is a conclave?
an assembly of Catholic cardinals
207 Akash Vukoti San Angelo Association of REALTORS What is mochi?
a doughlike mass made from cooked rice
208 Lucas Lee Victoria Advocate If something is described as corrosive, it is:
able to wear away by disintegration
209 Gabriella Chiang Rapoport Holdings, LLC Another word for effervescent is:
210 Wes Underwood The Ministry of Education Something described as leguminous:
resembles or consists of peas or beans
211 Abdel-Malik Bazzar The Virgin Islands Daily News During which of these activities would tachycardia most likely occur?
intense exercise
213 Surya Kapu The City Journals Something described as primeval relates to:
the earliest ages of the world
214 Elise Cournoyer VTDigger What is another word for foible?
215 Ruby Kadera SNSB Region Two Bee What is another word for sacrosanct?
216 Nathaniel Hersey The Daily Progress and News Virginian What is the epitome of something?
its highest point
Correct answer: its essence or embodiment
217 Kamsi Ezugwu Big Brothers and Big Sisters Someone described as ingenuous is:
Correct answer: naive
218 Luke DiMaso Central Rappahannock Regional Library What does it mean to vanquish?
defeat an opponent in a battle or contest
219 Bryan Milstead Rockingham District Ruritans What does it mean to ruminate?
carefully think about something
220 Oviya Amalraj Loudoun County Public Schools When would it be best to say adieu?
when saying goodbye
221 Graham Woodruff The News & Advance If something is vitriolic, it is:
characterized by a sharp biting quality
222 Siya Sampath InsideNoVa/Prince William What is a legionnaire?
a member of a national association of veterans
223 Charlotte Walsh Fairfax County Council PTA Someone described as vainglorious is:
224 Rohith Konduri WHRO Public Media A peony is a type of:
flowering plant
227 Sanchali Bohacek Town Hall Seattle If something is tectonic, it relates to:
the folding of the earth's crust
228 Madeline Feinstein Charleston Gazette-Mail What does absolution refer to?
a ceremony for the pardoning of sins
229 Isaac Boyce The Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram Which is an example of matriculation?
being admitted to a college
230 Aiden Wijeyakulasuriya Wisconsin State Journal What is a meridian?
a great circle of the celestial sphere passing through its poles and the zenith