2022 Round 9 Results

Word Meaning Round
Spellers eliminated in this round finished in 5th place (tied).
No. Speller's Name Speller's Sponsor Question Answer Given
65 Ekansh Rastogi Orlando City SC What is a remoulade?
a decorative strip of wood used for ornamentation
Correct answer: a pungent egg-based sauce with savory herbs
76 Vikram Raju The Denver Post What is a dreadnought?
a battleship equipped with large-caliber guns
104 Abhilash Patel Orange-Ulster BOCES Which of the following is most likely to be made from rattan?
a cake
Correct answer: a chair
189 Kirsten Santos Houston Public Media Another word for bastille is:
Correct answer: prison
205 Vihaan Sibal Rapoport Holdings, LLC Another word for cinctured is:
206 Saharsh Vuppala Wyoming Systems Group of Businesses What is an encomium?
a formal expression of warm or high praise
223 Surya Kapu The City Journals Someone described as lissome is:
Correct answer: limber
231 Harini Logan The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre Association Pullulation can be seen in:
the nesting of mating birds