2022 Round 6 Results

Word Meaning Round
Spellers eliminated in this round finished in 23rd place (tied).
No. Speller's Name Speller's Sponsor Question Answer Given
1 Sahasrad Sathish Lake County Regional Office of Education Something described as plebeian relates to:
the common people
11 Achyut Ethiraj SNSB Indiana Regional Bee A milliner specializes in:
making hats
15 Lara Randhawa Riverside County Office of Education A riposte is:
a retort or retaliatory remark
17 Tejas Raman Boulder Valley School District Something considered isochronous is:
frozen in time
Correct answer: equal in duration
21 Rehan Koshy SNSB Regional Bee for Illinois and Texas Something that is schmaltzy is:
excessively sentimental
27 Shradha Rachamreddy SNSB Regional Bee (Region Two) What is another word for dactylogram?
Correct answer: fingerprint
34 Varshitha Bojanapati SNSB Regional Bee (Region One) What is an ethnonym?
a name for a cultural group
65 Ekansh Rastogi Orlando City SC What is another word for kismet?
76 Vikram Raju The Denver Post Something described as Sisyphean:
requires continual and often ineffective effort
82 Aaron Kuebler Orlando City SC Which of the following would most likely be considered a Gordian knot?
a difficult puzzle
84 Avyay Kodali Pepper Construction and Wight & Company What is razzmatazz?
robust energy and enthusiasm
87 Aliyah Alpert Arizona Educational Foundation If someone is verklempt, they are:
choked up or overcome with emotion
102 Dhroov Bharatia Dallas Sports Commission What does cupidity mean?
strong desire for wealth
104 Abhilash Patel Orange-Ulster BOCES A gherkin is a type of:
pickled cucumber
118 Pranav Anandh Delaware County Intermediate Unit Who would most likely use a lancet?
a musician
Correct answer: a surgeon
135 Yash Shelar St. Louis Post-Dispatch Stockholm syndrome can be described as:
a persistent doubt concerning one's accomplishments
Correct answer: a hostage bonding with their captor
152 Vivinsha Veduru Texas Christian University What is a ragout?
a diverse group of people
Correct answer: a saucy meat and vegetable dish
160 Chris Dominick WFMJ Television, Inc. A leitmotif is:
a dominant recurring theme
178 Sahana Srikanth WCPO 9 What is cybernation?
automatic control by means of computers
183 Riya Anumakonda Carolina Panthers Something that is tendentious is:
Correct answer: biased
189 Kirsten Santos Houston Public Media What is parthenogenesis?
reproduction that does not involve fertilization
197 Nitya Kathiravan Somerset County Library System Enology is the science of:
198 Ishika Varipilli Houston Public Media What is an example of retrenchment?
returning to a hidden space
Correct answer: cutting a company's expenses
205 Vihaan Sibal Rapoport Holdings, LLC What color is vermilion?
a vivid reddish orange
206 Saharsh Vuppala Wyoming Systems Group of Businesses When would you most likely receive lucre?
as a reward or payment
221 Deetya Vuppala Wyoming Systems Group of Businesses An example of an ergogenic activity is:
taking a course on public speaking
Correct answer: sleeping for an additional hour
222 Roy Seligman The Ministry of Education Someone described as rumbustical is:
stubbornly sullen
Correct answer: overly exuberant
223 Surya Kapu The City Journals What is a jalopy?
a dilapidated automobile
224 Graham Woodruff The Roanoke Times Preprandial refers to the period before:
eating dinner
231 Harini Logan The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre Association If something is antediluvian, it:
belongs to an antiquated era
234 Shijay Sivakumar Ector County Independent School District What is a tessellation?
a repeated geometric pattern