2021 Round 5 Results

Word Meaning Round
Spellers eliminated in this round finished in 43rd place (tied).
No. Speller's Name Speller's Sponsor Question Answer Given
1 Roy Seligman The Ministry of Education What would one put an unguent on?
a blister
3 Charles Fennell Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society What is one most likely to do with a picadillo?
eat it
11 Isabel Liu Lee County Spelling Bee If something is turbid, it is:
feeding on waste
Correct answer: cloudy or muddy
13 Steven Dubin The Miami Herald Someone who is peripatetic:
suffers from mood swings
Correct answer: performs while moving about
15 Erik Williams WJXT Something described as stridulatory is:
used in the act of producing a shrill noise
16 Ananya Augustine Georgia Association of Educators Vagaries are:
changes that are hard to predict or explain
21 Yena Park Indiana University A medical condition that is idiopathic is:
specific to an individual
23 Pritikaa Biswas Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis If you engage in pettifoggery, you:
make and design formal clothing
Correct answer: quibble over insignificant details
24 Ishan Ramrakhiani Northeast Indiana Regional Spelling Bee If you reprove someone, you:
administer a mild rebuke
30 Charan Bala Howard County Library What is a heath?
a decorative circle of stones
Correct answer: a tract of wasteland
32 Ananya Gautam The Meakem Group Cartography involves the making of:
52 Bhavana Madini NYC Regional Spelling Bee If you tergiversate, you:
make evasive or ambiguous statements
55 Emma Sroka The Post-Standard Something described as palliatory provides:
relief or moderation
61 Sreethan Gajula Carolina Panthers If a piece of clothing is described as bespoke, it is:
67 James Dover The Gaston Gazette Probity is most like:
intellectual curiosity
Correct answer: moral uprightness
73 Sophia Lopez Ohio Regional Spelling Bee Someone on a junket is:
taking a trip
77 Rajshekhar Basu Sarkar The Blade A saguaro is a type of:
78 Isabella Fletcher The Herald-Star Another word for orotund is:
83 Tara Rakesh WCPO 9 A person described as shambolic is:
88 Pranav Anandh Delaware County Intermediate Unit A carceral system consists of:
94 Seoyon Kim The Valley Breeze A blandishment tends to be:
102 Akshita Balaji Fairfax County Council PTA What is pique?
offense taken by one slighted or disdained
106 Ashrita Gandhari Loudoun County Public Schools What does it mean to propitiate?
to appease
108 Jenna Ng The Roanoke Times An ascot is a type of:
113 Avani Joshi Boone-Winnebago Regional Office of Education What is sophistry?
plausible but fallacious reasoning
122 Sahasrad Sathish Lake County Regional Office of Education Coagulation is the process of:
becoming a thickened, coherent mass
124 Kathleen Keesey Regional Office of Education #47 A laparotomy is a surgical procedure that involves:
the cutting of the abdominal wall
126 Amitoj Chouhan The Dispatch Argus Something described as invidious is:
Correct answer: hateful
129 Ishya Bhavsar Kansas Press Association Something described as dormitive:
induces sleep
133 Zaila Avant-garde New Orleans Chapter of The Links Trenchancy is the quality of being:
keenly articulate
143 Emaan Arshad Park Hill School District In what situation would one use a poultice?
when treating a skin condition
145 Colette Giezentanner St. Louis Post-Dispatch What does Gorgonzola refer to?
a blue cheese made from cow's milk
146 Jiya Shetty Columbia Missourian Something described as porcine is related to:
147 Pooja Dayaratna Three Rivers College A sitzkrieg is:
warfare characterized by lack of movement
148 Hannah Fernandes Omaha World-Herald The mores of a particular group are their:
longstanding enemies
Correct answer: fixed customs
150 Mary Kauffman KJRH-TV If you kowtow, you:
act in an overly flattering way
155 Vivinsha Veduru Texas Christian University If a victory is Pyrrhic, it is achieved:
at excessive cost
156 Dhroov Bharatia Dallas Sports Commission If you put the kibosh on something, you:
stop it from happening
158 Shijay Sivakumar Ector County Independent School District The leeward side of something is:
on the right
Correct answer: downwind
163 Emmanuel Rimocal Laredo Morning Times Someone described as pontifical is:
pretentiously dignified
164 Shwetha Jayakumar Midland Reporter-Telegram Something described as lenten is:
baked without the use of yeast
Correct answer: suggestive of fasting or abstinence
166 Vihaan Sibal Rapoport Holdings, LLC If a person is doddery, they are:
unsteady or trembling
169 Harini Logan The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre Association Something described as plaintive is:
171 Akshainie Kamma West Austin Chamber of Commerce Another word for disinter is:
172 Tarini Nandakumar West Austin Chamber of Commerce Someone described as plangorous is engaged in:
a loud lamentation
173 Immanuel Goveas Wisconsin State Journal Someone described as jaundiced is exhibiting:
profound narcissism
Correct answer: distaste or hostility
174 Maya Jadhav Wisconsin State Journal Something described as capacious is:
able to hold a great deal
177 Vikram Raju The Denver Post Which of the following would be an example of cronyism?
a governor appointing friends to important positions
181 Christabel Thiel-Hadjilambrinos The Albuquerque Journal To occlude something is to:
close or obstruct it
183 Peregrine Lewis Herald Journal Garrulity is the quality of being:
Correct answer: talkative
185 Aditya Jonnalagedda The City Journals What is noblesse oblige?
an economic system favoring a small group
Correct answer: the duty of a high-status person to help others
190 Chaitra Thummala Bay Area Regional Spelling Bee A skosh is:
a small amount
191 Vayun Krishna Bay Area Regional Spelling Bee Something described as picayune is:
of little value, paltry, or measly
195 Arth Dalsania SAGE Publishing A potentate is a:
Correct answer: dictator
198 Baominh Le The Orange County Register What does it mean to circumambulate?
to deceive through evasive speech
Correct answer: to walk around
199 Sophia Lin The Orange County Register Scansion is:
the conversion of written text into braille
Correct answer: the analysis of a rhythmic structure
200 Lara Randhawa The Press-Enterprise What does a trousseau consist of?
a framework of beams forming a rigid structure
Correct answer: clothes and other belongings of a bride
207 Ashley Reed Pamplin Media Group If something is ombré, it could be described as:
shaded gradually from light to dark