2023 Results

Round 5 - Word Meaning Round

Spellers eliminated in this round finished in 57th place (tied).
No. Speller's Name Speller's Sponsor Question Answer Given
4 Opal Mishra Arizona Educational Foundation If something is described as incandescent, it is:
strikingly bright, radiant, or clear
9 Dhruv Subramanian San Ramon Valley Rotary Club Rigmarole is:
a complex and ritualistic procedure
11 Julia Murillo-Nuñez Imperial County Office of Education What is a troubadour most likely to be holding?
a musical instrument
14 Avi Randhawa Riverside County Office of Education A gourmand is someone who enjoys:
a fine dining experience
19 Vikrant Chintanaboina San Ramon Valley Rotary Club What is another word for malarkey?
20 Shradha Rachamreddy San Ramon Valley Rotary Club What is a whirligig?
a child's spinning toy
21 Arth Dalsania SAGE Publishing If you cavort, you:
bound, prance, or frisk about
22 Sarvadnya Kadam Visalia Times-Delta/Tulare Advance-Register Which of the following would most likely be considered officious?
a busybody
25 Isaac Brogan WFCU Credit Union If someone is persnickety, they are:
28 Nathan Settevendemie Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society If you obtrude something, you:
prevent the escape of it
Correct answer: thrust it out
31 Jerald Jude Campana The Washington Informer What do you do with ratatouille?
serve it for dinner
35 Westin Martin WJXT What is a crevasse?
a break or opening of considerable width and depth
36 Dev Shah SNSB Region One Bee What does it mean to glower?
to look or stare with sullen brooding annoyance or anger
37 Juan Rondeau Miami Herald What does repatriate mean?
to restore to the country of origin
43 Sai Lakkimsetti Georgia Association of Educators What could be described as catatonic?
a breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones
Correct answer: a trance-like state
44 Matthew Baber Georgia Association of Educators Something that is protean:
carries a positive electrical charge
Correct answer: readily assumes different shapes or forms
45 N'Adom Darko-Asare Young Educators Foundation What is fatalism?
the unselfish devotion to the welfare of others
Correct answer: the doctrine that all things are predetermined
46 Mychelle Kumah Young Educators Foundation Someone who is prostrate is:
lying in a horizontal position
52 Navtaj Singh Lewiston Tribune What would most likely be described as a phantasm?
a ghost
53 Annette Chu SNSB Illinois Regional Bee What is a forebear?
an ancestor
58 Khadijah Abdul-Rahman Macon-Piatt Regional Office of Education Which of the following would most likely be used as kindling?
dry twigs
62 Julissa Negron Boone-Winnebago Regional Office of Education Another word for notional is:
66 Daphne Gil Lake County Regional Office of Education If you refurbish something, you:
make it look like new
68 Achyut Ethiraj SNSB Indiana Regional Bee Reticence is best described as:
reserve and restraint
74 Manu Sripathi Olathe Public Schools Something tantamount to a compliment would:
have the same effect as a compliment
80 Aiden Pham Kiwanis Club of Lafayette What does it mean to gawk?
to gape or stare
81 Kai Richardson SagamoreHill Broadcasting LLC If you look at something in a cursory fashion, you look at it:
Correct answer: hastily
83 Sahil Thorat Louisiana State University Shreveport A person who is hapless lacks:
good fortune
91 Evangelene Hill University of Maryland Eastern Shore What is the meaning of traipse?
to wander or walk about
93 Adarsh Venkannagari The Daily Item If something is vaunted, it is:
built in the form of an arch
Correct answer: highly or widely praised
98 Clara Mervak Discover Kalamazoo A cessation is a:
99 Owen Smielewski The County Press What is a mire?
a soft wet area of low-lying land
103 Aryan Khedkar Oakland Schools Education Foundation Something that is saccharine is:
unpleasantly sweet
105 Maximus Katsoulis Lakes Country Service Cooperative What does it mean to carp?
to climb up frozen waterfalls using an ice axe
Correct answer: to complain in an ill-natured way
112 Garrett Fry Mid-Continent Public Library What does it mean to hydroplane?
to skim on water
117 Sonia Kulkarni Saint Louis University Something described as incipient is:
beginning to be apparent
119 Sarah Fernandes Omaha Sports Commission If you finagle something, you:
obtain it by trickery
123 Atharv Narvekar Somerset County Library System If something is nettlesome, it:
appears neat and tidy
Correct answer: causes vexation or irritation
125 Kavya Jakasania Hudson County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs If something is described as ethereal, it is:
celestial and heavenly
133 Brian Liu ScholarSkills for STARS Something that is fictive is:
feigned or imaginary
134 Lora Wu ScholarSkills for STARS If someone is punctilious, they would most likely be described as:
a rule follower
135 Vale Esposito ScholarSkills for STARS Someone or something described as debonair is:
in a broken or damaged state
Correct answer: graceful or charming in manner and appearance
138 Simran Sanders The Post-Standard Enigmatology is the analysis of:
molten rock in the earth's crust
Correct answer: puzzles and mysteries
143 Reyansh Joshi Carolina Panthers What is a pittance?
a meager wage or remuneration
144 Rishi Jayakumar Carolina Panthers Someone described as staunch is:
easily frightened
Correct answer: constantly loyal
150 Luna Gasevic ND Association of County Superintendents If someone is crestfallen, they are:
160 Shaylynn Dennis Salem News, East Liverpool Review and The Morning Journal An emanation is:
a flowing forth
163 Andrew Macdonald The Herald-Star What is another word for paraphernalia?
Correct answer: equipment
165 Joey Constantine WFMJ Television, Inc. If something is described as schlock, it is:
of low quality or little worth
166 Archer Thompson Oklahoma City Thunder What does a cryptanalyst do?
unearths underground burial chambers
Correct answer: solves codes and ciphers
167 Hannah Kauffman 2 News Oklahoma If someone is described as deft, they are:
172 Pranav Anandh Delaware County Intermediate Unit To imbue is to:
permeate or infuse
176 Isaac Geremew WHYY If someone is described as crotchety, they are inclined to be:
182 Siqi Fang The Post and Courier If someone is flummoxed, they are:
thrown into confusion
185 Charli Fickbohm University of South Dakota What is another word for mandible?
190 Jayden Zheng Education Credit Union An insular perspective would be considered:
192 Tarini Nandakumar Sweet Success ATX Someone with chutzpah:
shows supreme self-confidence
195 Faizan Zaki Dallas Sports Commission What is a screed?
a long angry speech
196 Arnav Tonde EPISD Education Foundation What is a travesty?
a sham or mockery
197 Brihasa Veduru Texas Christian University An innuendo is:
a familiar form of a proper name
Correct answer: a veiled allusion to something
200 Kirsten Tiffany Santos Houston Community College If something is uncanny, it:
arouses feelings of inexplicable strangeness
205 Siyona Kandala The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre Association What does it mean to gallivant?
travel for mere pleasure
213 Surya Kapu The City Journals If you extol something, you:
praise it lavishly
214 Elise Cournoyer VTDigger What is a demagogue?
a leader who exploits popular prejudices
216 Nathaniel Hersey The Daily Progress and News Virginian An activity described as perfunctory is:
characterized by routine or superficiality
220 Oviya Amalraj Loudoun County Public Schools Something described as craggy is:
full of steep, rugged, rocky natural high grounds
221 Graham Woodruff The News & Advance What does reverie mean?
a strong feeling of respect and admiration
Correct answer: the condition of being lost in thought
222 Siya Sampath InsideNoVa/Prince William If someone is nonplussed they are:
Correct answer: perplexed
223 Charlotte Walsh Fairfax County Council PTA Which of the following phrases is an example of an oxymoron?
jumbo shrimp
224 Rohith Konduri WHRO Public Media If something is slanderous, it:
contains false charges damaging someone's reputation
227 Sanchali Bohacek Town Hall Seattle If something is described as indomitable, it:
cannot be subdued by force or intimidation
229 Isaac Boyce The Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram Which of the following would be described as macabre?
a sleight of hand magic trick
Correct answer: a gruesome horror movie
230 Aiden Wijeyakulasuriya Wisconsin State Journal To forswear something means to:
renounce it earnestly