2021 Round 8 Results

Word Meaning Round
Spellers eliminated in this round finished in 16th place (tied).
No. Speller's Name Speller's Sponsor Question Answer Given
1 Roy Seligman The Ministry of Education If something is vermivorous, it:
feeds on worms
15 Erik Williams WJXT If you find something in situ, it is:
in its original position
24 Ishan Ramrakhiani Northeast Indiana Regional Spelling Bee Someone experiencing metanoia has:
a fear of being followed by other people
Correct answer: a fundamental mental or spiritual transformation
32 Ananya Gautam The Meakem Group Abiogenesis refers to:
the creation of living organisms from lifeless matter
52 Bhavana Madini NYC Regional Spelling Bee Something described as Pentateuchal relates to:
the first five books of the Old Testament
61 Sreethan Gajula Carolina Panthers Something that is xylotomous:
is able to bore through wood
73 Sophia Lopez Ohio Regional Spelling Bee If something is pomaceous, it relates to:
a fragrant hair dressing
Correct answer: apples
78 Isabella Fletcher The Herald-Star What is an oostegite?
a deposit hanging from the roof or sides of a cave
Correct answer: a part of a receptacle for eggs in a crustacean
106 Ashrita Gandhari Loudoun County Public Schools What is cataplexy?
sudden loss of muscle power after an emotional stimulus
113 Avani Joshi Boone-Winnebago Regional Office of Education Something that is vitelligenous produces:
the yolk of an egg
124 Kathleen Keesey Regional Office of Education #47 If something is argentous, it contains:
secret vocabulary
Correct answer: silver
133 Zaila Avant-garde New Orleans Chapter of The Links What is encephalopathy?
a disease causing alterations of brain structure
155 Vivinsha Veduru Texas Christian University What is paramimia?
misuse of gestures in expressing thought
156 Dhroov Bharatia Dallas Sports Commission What is a utricle?
a small pouch in the body of an animal or plant
166 Vihaan Sibal Rapoport Holdings, LLC Which of the following is an example of a vivarium?
a glass enclosure with reptiles and tropical plants
171 Akshainie Kamma West Austin Chamber of Commerce Algophobia is the fear of:
172 Tarini Nandakumar West Austin Chamber of Commerce What might be described as onomasiologic?
composing poetry rich with natural sounds
Correct answer: collecting lists of words for similar or associated concepts
174 Maya Jadhav Wisconsin State Journal Cacodoxy is:
teaching contrary to accepted standards
190 Chaitra Thummala Bay Area Regional Spelling Bee Mythopoeia is:
creation of legends or traditional stories
191 Vayun Krishna Bay Area Regional Spelling Bee Deferrization refers to:
the removal of iron