2023 Results

Round 7 - Word Meaning Round

Spellers eliminated in this round finished in 21st place (tied).
No. Speller's Name Speller's Sponsor Question Answer Given
9 Dhruv Subramanian San Ramon Valley Rotary Club What is odium?
hatred and condemnation
14 Avi Randhawa Riverside County Office of Education If something is described as Jovian, it relates to:
the planet Jupiter
19 Vikrant Chintanaboina San Ramon Valley Rotary Club A lycanthrope is:
a werewolf
20 Shradha Rachamreddy San Ramon Valley Rotary Club Someone who is timorous is:
21 Arth Dalsania SAGE Publishing What does quiescent mean?
tranquilly at rest
36 Dev Shah SNSB Region One Bee Who would most likely practice legerdemain?
a magician
52 Navtaj Singh Lewiston Tribune Someone who studies eukinetics knows about:
well-controlled body movement
53 Annette Chu SNSB Illinois Regional Bee Something described as anhydrous is:
free of water
58 Khadijah Abdul-Rahman Macon-Piatt Regional Office of Education If someone is craven, they are:
66 Daphne Gil Lake County Regional Office of Education Someone who is dextrocular:
uses the right eye more than the left
83 Sahil Thorat Louisiana State University Shreveport A person engaging in obliquity is being deliberately:
103 Aryan Khedkar Oakland Schools Education Foundation The term bonhomie refers to:
easy friendliness
119 Sarah Fernandes Omaha Sports Commission Something described as fissile is:
capable of being split
150 Luna Gasevic ND Association of County Superintendents What would be an example of catharsis?
a satisfying release from tension
172 Pranav Anandh Delaware County Intermediate Unit What does it mean to masticate?
to grind or crush, as food, with teeth
190 Jayden Zheng Education Credit Union What is hypoxia?
a deficiency of oxygen reaching the tissues of the body
192 Tarini Nandakumar Sweet Success ATX In which class would you most likely learn about a gamete?
195 Faizan Zaki Dallas Sports Commission If someone is besotted with someone, they are:
angry with them
Correct answer: infatuated with them
213 Surya Kapu The City Journals Something that is syllogistic relates to:
deductive reasoning
223 Charlotte Walsh Fairfax County Council PTA A nocturne is a type of:
musical composition
224 Rohith Konduri WHRO Public Media Something described as ecumenical is:
universal in its extent or application
230 Aiden Wijeyakulasuriya Wisconsin State Journal If you obviate something, you:
disguise its true nature
Correct answer: make it unnecessary