Ananya Vinay

Name: Ananya Vinay

Hometown: Fresno, Califonia

Sponsor: The Fresno Bee

Winning Word: marocain

After 19 rounds of head-to-head spelling, Ananya Vinay secured her victory over Rohan Rajeev, a fourteen-year-old speller from Edmond, Oklahoma.

Ananya likes to volunteer because she likes to help people. She’d like to be a doctor, scientist or a writer, and she likes reading mythology and adventure stories.

“I like finding stories behind words, investigating them further,” she said.

One of her favorites is Philomel, a word that means nightingale. It comes from the tale of a princess who was turned into a nightingale.

She's also a fan of the Golden State Warriors, and she likes Steph Curry.